Civic (CVC): What Could be Staggering?

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Could there be a repeat of a rounded price formation that launches another massive profit potential? I believe so; though all time new highs might not be called. However, IF Civic (CVC) decides to extend the sideways price move; the below wxyxz pathway would best fit the profile. There is a likelihood for this price pathway to occur. However, there is a more primary Elliott Wave count than this.

The below shows that the MACD is not indication further sideways movement but rather a good potential for higher highs (white impulse).

The rally can form a larger rounded bottom pattern which could then significantly corret to 50% or 78% retracement. However, this would setup for a staggering profit potential once the correction completes into late Fall or so. IF correct, it'll be a sight to behold.

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Thank you for this analysis...let the vertical move begin!

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Impressive, man. I just upvoted you for sure. Smart analysis. But then, I hope the profit does not stagger but is sure. Anyways I'm glad you'll be a sight to behold.


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