Composer of the week #1 (JS Bach)

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This is the post for all the recommendations for the composer of the week from our Dischord. All the SBD that is earned from these composer of the week posts are shared among the contributors that appear on this post.

This week in our first edition we featured JS Bach. Only two suggestions were made, so we are only sharing between two people!

5th Brandenburg Concerto

From @proxytech
Love the Brandenburg Concertos. No 5 is my fav. Gotta love the harpsichord solo. :yum:

Mache dich mein Herze rein from Matthew Passion

From @bengy

This is one of my all time favourite arias. Appearing near the end of the Matthew Passion, every time I perform it (which is many times in Easter time), I feel such a sense of relief and sad joy that I feel like crying. I had to hunt down a good performance, there are many that I consider too slow that don't convey the mix of regret and joy that I feel when I play with the orchestra that I usually play it with. This comes closest.

Next week's composer.

This coming week (or so), we will have recommendations from Prokofiev! Please drop a YouTube link in our Dischord that you think does the best justice to the piece. We will be picking a few to feature in the next recommendation. Add a couple of lines of text to say why you think this is THE ONE!



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Welcome @classical-radio!

I think you already know, but for your readers' benefit, I wanted to note that this post was selected for sharing on the Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page, and included in our Roundup Issue #24.

Thanks! We are growing quite nicely!

I love classical music. I have some beautiful memories due to 5th Brandenburg Concerto. Thanks for sharing.

Join our Dischord! Did you play the 5th?

Actually, the first piano concert!!

This is great! Bach is one of my favorite composers! I’ll take a listen to these!

Being a singer, you probably know the passions and cantatas!

I know the solos from St. John Passion and Magnificat in D, but sadly that’s all.

Under @bengy, I posted a nice soprano aria by Bach.

My favorite Bach piece is probably his Harpsichord Concerto no. 1 in D minor:

This is a great one as well, and a top performance. So much good music!

We have moved now to Prokofiev for the composer of the week. If you have a recommendation for Prokofiev, drop it in the discord!

Ooooh....Prokofiev. Gotta hand it to that guy, his works are great in making the imagination work :)

Yup! Drop a suggestion in the dischord!

Lots of good things happening on the @classical-music discord. The community is growing! Check it out.

Growing slowly!

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Thank you classical-radio.

This sounds like a lovely enterprise.

Wishing you all the best.


Thank you, if you are interested, we a discord for musicians and classical music lovers!


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