Composer of the week #7 (Sculthorpe, Sweelinck, A.Scarlatti and Ellington) (SBD Share)

This week's composer of the week was a motley crew of composers namely, Sculthorpe, Sweelinck, A.Scarlatti and Ellington. Featured below are some contributions from our community of some of their compositions!

Next week's Composers

Some interesting birthdays coming up. So the composers of the week will be: Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Leclair (J-M) and Berlin (Irving). These a bit from every time period for everyone's particular taste!

Rules for submission

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  2. Include a YouTube embed of your recommendation and a few lines about why you chose that particular piece or performance.
  3. Shares of the SBD the relevant post will be distributed among the chosen recommendations that make it to the Composer of the week post.

This week's recommendations

From @freyman, we have a complete write up comparing the different performances of Duke Ellington: Caravan.

Here is one of many recordings from YouTube that he has compared.


Peter Sculthorpe is one of Australia's best known composers (right after Percy Grainger). He drew inspiration from the unique Australian landscapes and sounds of the bush. This piece, Kakadu, is a final landscape that was inspired by the huge Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

from @proxytech

Here’s a concerto by Scarlatti in g minor that I really enjoyed. It reminds me of Bach’s Brandenburg concertos. I always liked the sound of the baroque flute and, as a guitarist, enjoy seeing the lute included in the ensemble.

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