Premiere Performance of My Original Composition "Nocturne no. 1 in D-flat" (11/16/18)

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Hello everyone! This is the second piece which I performed on Friday. If you wish to see the first performance, here is a link to that post. My second piece was my own first Nocturne which I wrote in the style of Chopin. I posted it here several months ago. Here is the link. Anyway, I showed it to my piano teacher after summer break was over, and he asked me to perform it (alongside the Chopin nocturne that I based its structure off of) at one of the fall performance classes. I intend to play this piece for my induction into the Tri-M music honors society. I will make school history by being the first person to perform an original piece for their Tri-M induction. I will probably post that performance as well, but for right now, here is the premiere performance of my first nocturne from Friday's recital:

Thanks for reading/listening to this! I intend to start posting more frequently towards the new year, so keep an eye out for that! Hopefully I will see you then!

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Superb ! Beautiful and romantic .

Thanks! That's what I was going for.

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Looking forward to it!

Wonderful, you really capture that romantic almost dreamy vibe of Chopin's music, I love this piece so much, thansk for sharing this with all of us!

Thank you for your words of kindness!

Woow dude! Congratz on making history once you perform this piece for that Tri-M introduction! Just work hard and the fruits will come I guess :) How many people were there for this performance actually? It's amazing to see those two girls/women in the first row while watching you. They don't even move!

Also, I have a question. What's this about? Same concept as instagram verification or? Something to do with KYC or other personal data?

Cheers and best of luck in the future!

Thank you! There were probably around 20 people at this performance. is a service I discovered several years ago which gives (possibly gave) you an emblem for 1 sbd to signify that you are a verified account.

Not too long ago a friend of mine bemoaned that there are no more great composers, like Chopin, Beethoven, or Brahms. He was wrong then, but he is most certainly wrong now, after I had the opportunity to listen to Your Nocturne Nº 1 in D- Flat. I am giving You a standing ovation right now.

Thank you very much! I aspire to composers such as these. Perhaps, one day I will be able to compose as well as them. This is a step in a journey.

Great piece and performance, congrats!. My support for your induction and career. Thanks so much for bringing your work to us.

Thank you!

It was a pleasure to hear the previous one and this spectacular performance. Your piece inspires peace. Loved it very much. Thanks for sharing your beautiful music. Now I'm following you.

Hi cmp2020,

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It's great! I have a bad ear for music, but what I hear is amazing. The lack of musical data did not give me the opportunity to learn how to play the piano, but I love to listen. Chopin, a great choice!

Thank you!

wow Great music that touches the heart. I liked it very much .💞

My pleasur🌺

Wow, these melodies brought me memories of one of the most beautiful times of my life, my time at the music school, I belonged for four years to the symphony orchestra of my state, and your music brought me the beautiful memory of the full hallways of piano music. You are a great artist, I always admired the ability of people who play piano, since they must handle the key of Sun and the key of Fa at the same time.

Thanks! I am glad that my piece brought you these memories. Which instrument did you study?

Love original stuff like yours.

My best wishes on your test, keep on the great work and thank you so much for adding value to this community.


Thank you very much! Likewise!

Nice interpretation! I'd love you to follow me! I will upload videos soon and your opinion would be very helpful, I am also a musician!

Thank you very much! I will check out your account.

Thank you for this video, since last 3 year, my son started to play piano and his favorite one is Chopin, he just loves his music and biography since then he of course learnt many other artists too. But since that time I also pay a lot of attention to piano music and listening to your Nocturne, I must say that sounds really great, very romantic and nice melody, love it, you are a great composer and your performance is just amazing. I am glad you recorded it. I hope you will keep creating music, that is a real talent!

Howdy from Texas sir cmp2020! That was freaking brilliant! I loved it and I'm not generally a classical music person but I was mesmerized by the music and by watching your hands wondering how in the world you could be so skilled! lol. Or maybe it's a gift.
Can I ask when you started playing and how long did it take for you to get this good?
Also, congratulations on the Tri-M induction and history making performance!

Thank you very much! I started playing when I was 9. I don't know how long it took. I will say that it took a lot of hard work and practice. Thanks again!

thank you so much for getting back with me sir cmp2020! Well it was a thing of beauty to listen and watch you play and I think Steemit is very blessed to have you on this platform!