I can't believe it's Rutter!

John Rutter is a famous choral composer from the United Kingdom. His work appeals to the English choral literature of the contemporary era. Originally scored for SATB, this particular arrangement is in two parts. The two Lee brothers take the upper line and my brother, Andrew, takes the lower line. It's amazing what can be achieved with just three voices! There's a famous quote that states "less is more", could this be the case? 😇



This is beautiful.
Are those amazing singers getting a piece of the bid bots?
Morality check.

Thank you. A lot of work goes into the production of these videos.

I imagine much work goes into these top quality productions. I hope you compensate the hired help for your paid earnings :)
I very much enjoy them. How may I reach these artists?

24 hours to produce their contact info, or I remove ROI :)

I want proof that you are compensating these people. What is wrong with you to bid bot this and provide no proof that you are looking out for the people on camera?
Maybe you are doing good, maybe they are too, but that doesn't excuse this behavior.

Did you eat today? Some people didn't... and maybe you should think about that everytime you pay a bidbot with ZERO explanation, ZERO engagement from the COMMUNITY, .... people who are fucking starving......

You're a smart man....

I won't downvote you, but your actions are very selfish, and you lost more by bid botting than if you would have just posted to this community. I promise you that, being a custodian of the rewards.

Please think about your actions and how it looks to others.

These singers should be PAID for this bid botted video!!! and you should show PROOF!!!!!!!!

Why do you think only singers should be paid? You don't know the full picture here. They got together for a couple of hours in the church and practiced as well recorded the video. The singers knew they were not doing this for the money, only for the fun. They even don't want to be contacted.

What you don't seem to realise that all of the expensive recording gear was @contrabourdon's. We are talking about hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars here. Plus he spent all evening editing the video afterwards.

That's why you like it. Because @contrabourdon MADE it sound and look good.

Plus did you know the singers only sing ONE SINGLE melodic line and the organist plays 3 lines together - right hand, left hand and pedals with his feet. You see, he does 3x amount of work here just be playing his part. Possibly a lot more because 3 combinations of parts are more difficult to play for one person than 3 single lines for 3 people.

But of course, as always, the organist is invisible and the audience only thinks the soloists deserve compensation.

Tell you what. IMAGINE in your mind that there is no organist and only 3 singers are present - no harmony, no beautiful organ sounds, just the singers.

Now IMAGINE, there are no singers - only the organist playing. Which video you think would give more complete sound? Of course the organ alone.

The organist alone would do fine but the singers alone wouldn't. They couldn't even hold a pitch for the most part without @contrabourdon.

And by the way, it is NOT the singer's money that @contrabourdon is investing into bid bots here. It is his own hard earned money. So unless the singers were promised some kind of financial compensation for this video in advance (which they were not), @contrabourdon doesn't owe them anything.

Interestingly enough, I cannot argue with any of the points you have presented to me.

I am a musician myself, with a deep appreciation for the organ. I am more familiar with piano arts, but I am just as moved by the presentations of you and your counterparts here. I have witnessed the footwork you speak of, and being a guitarist, I understand the depth of concentration required for this kind of work.

I was coming from more of a place of blockchain economics and how resources could be more fairly distributed. Being someone who's struggled with hardships, my compassion removed some logical aspects of my thinking.

I do apoligise for making a scene. I have listened to you before, and I think you are a very talented and professional man. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me regarding this matter.

No problem! Happy to explain what is going on behind the scenes.

The blockchain allows beneficiary rewards, right? This would be the simplest solution to set the percentage which could be agreed beforehand with the singers. The problem is they are not on Steem and have no interest of being here, sadly. This is part of the reason @contrabourdon can't even compensate them even if he wanted.

But who knows maybe they might change their minds and join Steem in the future and beneficiary rewards could be added at least for other videos.

If they were on Steem, this how I personally would compensate them and not send them any fiat money.

Yes, absolutely beneficiaries can be set, and accounts with enough resource credits can create instant accounts for people. (I have 86 tickets available)
With your resources, you can create free accounts one after another (not assuming you don't already know this information)
Whenever I create one for someone, I tell them to simply change their keys.

It's too bad they aren't interested. We are serious about ramping up the #musicforsteem community, and every kind of musician/singer is welcome.

If they were on Steem, this how I personally would compensate them and not send them any fiat money.

The agenda is no fiat in circulation, so I doubt that will matter soon :)

I agree. According to SteemD I have also claimed 853 free accounts and created dozens for people. Too bad the big media now only talks about Bitcoin so the masses aren't even aware of social blockchains such as Steem or Hive yet.

Feel free to remove the rewards and downvote. My conscience is clear and any arrangements between our group is none of your business. I'll be happy to no longer bid bot our videos to get us a little more exposure.

No no, I won't downvote, and I didn't place any rewards.

I know of many people on this blockchain who are literally starving. I am not one of them, but I have experienced the hardship in the past.
Of course this is personal, and not technically relevant right?, because your response removes any morality driven aspects from the conversation now doesn't it?

I think you and your friends are very talented, and will even go as far as to say more talented than myself. I am a humble man, and I admire talent.

I am likely to upvote your content if not bid botted, and hold no grudges. I just feel (from a personal point of view, opinion and morality based) that what you do here is wrong, and devoid of compassion for others, because is no one uses bid bots, then..... they are forced to vote ;)

I wish you and your friends the best. No downvotes from me, and thank you for your very good music. You are a very talented man, and I very much like your music.

I changed my mind and decided to give you (and your friends undisclosed arrangement) a 100% upvote 😁 Nothing but love good man, keep doing your thing ❤️

Thanks! We will keep doing our thing and don't worry, I'm looking after them 100%.

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