This performance was not historically informed

This piece is Georg Böhm's "Vater unser im Himmelreich". I was advised that my ornamentation and manner of playing was not historically informed so I'm labelling this performance as exactly that. It was interesting to see some comments from the public on this video:

OrganGuyPhil says:

Music snobs are so fun. Lol. I say it’s all about “artistic license”. It sounds great to me! 👍

Tim Knight says:

I am almost old enough to remember the composer writing this and I am quite sure that he wouldn't have worried about your ornaments, but he may well be surprised that it was still being played all these hundreds of years later!, its more important to bring works back into the repertoire played in a musical way, this certainly is, perhaps you should retort that the Hauptwerk is not historically informed, yesterday would have been Carlo Curleys birthday, he did more to attract people to the organ than anyone else in his time, yes, at times he was historically on the ball, but those were the performances where people thought he wasn't himself!

Graham Twist says:

Unlike some organists who prefer to play the instrument in a straitjacket, a performance being 'historically informed' is not anywhere near the top of my list of priorities. I want a performance to be 'musically informed' and 'emotionally informed' so that it speaks to me and others of its beauty and meaning. It does not matter to me that you are playing a sample set and not the real instrument. My ears are more than happy to be fooled by 21st century technology into believing that, when I close my eyes and listen to what is coming through my headphones, I am there and experiencing it virtually in the same way i would if I really could be there. You play Böhm's music in a way that ticks all the boxes for me, James. Thank you

My favourite comment would have to be this one though!

John Silverton says:

Rubbish, who told you that ? Elmer Fudd ? Sounds fine to me.

What do you think?



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