Between 1 fern (episode1)

in #classical-music4 years ago

Hello, fellow steeminians!

I am opening a new franchise in which will be posting all the recorded embarrassing moments that happen during our rehearsals. U know, that special moment when a nice easygoing tune ends in a disaster and the whole bend falls apart?

This is to show u that we are all humans and it is ok to make mistakes, learn, grow and laugh about it.

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Greetings @tomista

You've been invited to the iTalnet contest/initiative

If you wish to enroll the contest, the auditions started today 1'st of March and will last until 5'th of March read more in the link below, the contest has a new voting system where artists/performers vote between themselves (no judges / no upvote count / no nominatios) only contestants vote counts.

Please read the rules of the contest prior to enrollment, thank you

Thank your for the invite, will check italent asap :)

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