Birth of a new composition (part3) -ETHEREUM ; take a look and listen

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Hello, fellow steeminians!

As promised, this is the third and the last part to this post :, where i try to explain my process of composing in a user-friendly /funny way. There is a TLDR section at the bottom.

For all the people that are here just for the music watch the video below.

Oh, wow, u are still reading this? Guess people really like me, or they got too much free time to waste :)


When the crypto-bear market started in the 1st quarter of 2018 i needed to take a short break. After realizing that i have no clue how to finish the composition and lack of ideas for my next steemit post led to a 6-month deep depression. Lying on a couch the whole day, getting fat, watching reality tv shows like dance with the stars and eating popcorn seemed like a wonderful idea at that time. Even picking up the TV remote was just ludicrous :)


Thankfully the summer is coming and the crypto space is blooming again so let's get to the business, shall we?


U guys probably noticed an interesting addition to our duo,....and no, it is not anather fern (reference to this post ), we still can't afford it coz we are poor. Human labor is much cheaper in my country so we decided to get ourselves a cellist.
giphy (1).gif

I can honestly say that we are very satisfied with the purchase and that all of my compositions wouldn't be as good as they are without her. She is like a gardener, she removes the leaves so i can clearly see the trees behind them :)


Now that the introduction is out of the way let me present u with my first finished musical piece here on steemit;


for guitar, cajon and cello

Now, u would say.....

giphy (2).gif

Yup, no , it is not a joke. When i started learning about crypto, one of the 1st altcoins that i stumped upon was ethereum and i immediately thought to myself; hm,... this is a nice name for a composition ,so here it is (and no, i am not going to call another song bitcoin or riple or SecondaryDistinctCapybara-max-1mb.gif "something else".....:))

Ok, now that we established that awkward thingy about the title let me share with u a word or two about the recording u just witnessed.


The whole concept of such recording is to capture the true essence of the performance without cutting or using any editing tools or artificial enhancements. What u hear is actually very close to what we hear in the studio; all the little slips, mistakes and tonal ambiguities that create those unique moments that make a live recording so precious. As u may realize by now is that this task is extremely hard to achieve when u have to compete with instruments that are 3 or 4 times louder than your own. Oh, bydway did i mention that the whole piece was recorded only by one mic?

For a better understanding of what i am talking about here is a video of a superb live performance vs........."something else" :)


This is my favourite part of the article where i can finally unveil the mystery
of a good composition and how to achieve it. Press play, start reading and let the article lead u till the end. Just follow the timelines and have fun :)

1).THE INTRODUCTION - SAM (0:00-0:49)

Every great and not so great piece of music starts with just an idea. A Stupid Ass Motive(SAM) that is immediately stuck in your head, doesn't let u go and is always present in the deepest subconscious of your mind. It doesn't matter if it is a good or bad one or 100% genius, the only important thing is that now u have some original(hopefully) material to work with and a chance at expressing yourself.

For future reference we will call this idea "SAM"


Now that we have our little musical introduction its time to go further. What to do next?

Hmmm..... lets put a few interesting chords together with some arpeggios in a typical Andalusian cadence, pair it with the pizzicati cello bass line in a zapateado (6+6) rhythm but twist it to still sound fresh enough to be disguised as an original work. Add a simple build up at the end, nothing major (we will use this build up again in the future) and vuala!


We 've just made around 50 seconds of music and are ready to move to the next phase of our composition;

2).THE a-THEME - BACKBONE (0:50-1:46)
tenor (1).gif

The a-theme is the BACKBONE of our music piece, it is the foundation that we can build on. We can shape it, twist it around, mould it into something pleasant, strange, different and possibly unique of its kind. Basically, the correlation between theme/ composition is what BTC is for Crypto. If btc is shaky and in a bear market, everything will follow his path :) If we manage to put together a nice, entertaining, recognisable melody, something that our listener can relate to in the future we did a great job!

3). RESOLUTION or b-THEME (1:49-2:54)

After showing a bit of guitar strumming, solfeggio knowledge and a few tricks here and there i finally decide to use my personal slave, ,,,,sry,.....i meant my super beautiful smartest in the entire world with perfect pitch and godlike virtuoso improvisational skills and extra soft silk-like skin cellist :)

giphy (4).gif

No, guys we do not have a "relationshit" 6t0wddK.gif

Nop, no, we do not have "sexy time" together
giphy (7).gif

and i am not in love with her but!...........

i just kind of literally called her my personal slave so she deserves some appriciation. Hope i will still have a cellist tomorrow when she reads this.......
giphy (6).gif

yeah, i am an idiot......

giphy (5).gif

Clap, clap!


wait a minute ....

giphy (8).gif

what was i saying,,.....oh yeah right.....

After showing a bit of guitar strumming, solfeggio knowledge and a few tricks here and there i finally decide to introduce my personal cellist into the equation and at 1:49 she puts an end to my guitar rambling and starts her personal b-theme.

A well-rounded composition usually has a theme that is divided in 2 parts. The first part or part-A and the second part, part-B. If the first theme is fast, technical, in a minor key, the second B-part is usually the complete opposite in a major key, less complicated, more easy going that help us create a resolution and a nice ending. It is a very old and simple system that composers discovered more than 300 years ago and it is still applicable today.

We can throw in a bit of SAM (2:00), u remember sam do u? The Stupid Ass Motive(SAM)? Repeat the whole resolution thing and end it with a nice rasguado (the technique used at 3:01). Now we can say that we finished playing the 1st set (introduction, theme-a, theme-b), we have 2 more sets to go.

4). THE BRIDGE (3:04-3:42)
giphy (10).gif

After completing one major milestone we need to take a break, sit back, relax a bit, take a look at what we have accomplished and be happy that the audience isn't screaming in agony and throwing raw vegetables at us. If they are still quietly listening we can pet ourselves on the head

and enjoy our time left because the next set that we are going to play is definitely the hardest and the most masochistic in nature.

Up to this point, everything was easy......giphy (3).gif

So, as a happy ignorant masochist, we venture into the next dark abyss and torture that is known as the build-up!

5).THE BUILD-UP (UPS & DOWNS) (3:42-5:36)

The build-up should be considered the centre of a music piece. This is our time to shine, to show off our imagination, our technical skills, make previous ideas evolve, interconnect and gradually adding suspense to the piece until we reach the climax. There are a lot of UPS & DOWN in this segment and as a highlight, i would point out the part at the 4:48-5:25 mark, where we have a big up move and a "SEXY" down at around 5:23 :)

Basically, we are making a beautiful ascending triangle that will catapult us to new all-time highs :)


As soon as we break the "imaginary resistance zone" new ideas start flowing in. Ideas, theme, build up, all interconnect and expand resulting in forming a bee-like colony that unanimously works togather a common goal; reaching the apex.

This is a rare and special moment for me. I open my mind to new possibilities, concentrate, breathe in, breath out and when I am relaxed enough with my eyes closed,

notes start popping and dancing around, producing musical phrases, new chords, that interact together forming an endless puzzle that is trying to solve itself in a perfect homogeneous mathematical harmony.


It doesn't work like that, NOPE!, never happened, never will. Unfortunately, we live in reality and not in some beautiful mind cracking code scene. In reality, composing the build-up is something more similar to this;

U try to figure out what to do, but anything u try just doesn't work.

Anyway, we manage somehow to disguise the whole build up thingy by merging SAM and the a-theme together, we add some chord progression, play 30% lauder so we can pretend that we did an Ok job and finish the whole thing as we started, with SAM. Remember SAM? The Stupid Ass Motive? Good

If u were quick enough by reading this u should be approximately at the 5:36 min mark in the video ,...meh i dunno why i am typing this, nobody is reading this poop aniway giphy (9).gif
, i could write anything, i could sneak in a video about "Jordan Peterson troll fest"

and no one would care.......

sry, where was i?.....u might notice i am a spontaneous guy ,i do what i please :)


6).REPETITION (5:36-8:40)

giphy (11).gif
Now basically our composition is 99% finished. We are playing the end game, it is the 3d set. All we have to do is repeat the b-cello-theme with some variations, repeat the bridge, the introduction, add a nice ending coda and round up the whole thing by repeating SAM for the 13th time :)

"SAM"? do u remember Sam?

Evry time u heard it, were u aware of it? Were u ever bored of it? Or maybe were u a bit annoyed already with the tam ta tam ta tam tam tam tam ta tam tam tam tam ? 13 x right? Good

Guess that SAM motive is pretty much stuck in your head now, right? Hope u will remember this experience as a pleasant one and maybe one day u will have your own Sam to play with
giphy (14).gif

A big influence in modern contemporary music are repetitions. How many times can u repeat something and get away with it to still find it interesting enough for the listener to enjoy it? Well, in all honesty, i hate repeating stuff,... It feels like a scam,.. like the bitconnect of composing. U do not do anything, u just copy paste the whole segment and now u have 3 min from nowhere!!!! WOW 3 MIN!!!!! This is literally free music....

So, let's have a look at one composition that mastered the art of repetitions with just 2 notes!!!!

And now let's have a look at some other contemporary artist that in my humble opinion is a pure genius.

Great u are still here!! U made it!!!(7:10-8:40)

So, we are finally at the end of our journey. Many of u were probably worried about my "disappearance" on steemit. What was i doing? What were my intentions about the political issues in Brittain? What about Uganda? What about the little worm in the sand?( Is this real? Are we "really" here?



The Ethereum composition should be finished by now. Breath in and out a few times and relax :) I could bore u with what u just witnessed with nlp training and subconcius manipulation but in reality, here it is ;

read it,

TLDR; Basically we are trying to make a story that fits the music. With simple ideas, greater things can be accomplished. But what is the story of this music piece?

Is quite simple actually ..........

So, we have SAMtenor (3).gif

that has a BONERgiphy.gif

and is trying to RESOLVE
giphy (15).gif
his issue by crossing a BRIDGEgiphy (12).gif

to find his SEXY lady
tenor (4).gif

After a bit of Up and DOWNSgiphy (13).gif

SAM is happy coz he resolved his issue without the use of any magic pill...

Guys don't buy drugs! Become a pop star and they will give it to u for free!!! Duh...


Welcome back to Steemit! I didn't think we were going to get the last part of the series! Hopefully, you will also continue the one fern series?

I have featured you and this post in a curation contest here:

I am going nowhere Bengy, do not worry, but will post blogs at my own pace, when they are ready. I am not done with the fern series yet. Quality over quantity my friend :)

Hey, what is my cellist doing at 5:44? Looks like she is scratching the cello's butt? :)

Thank you for adding me to the curation contest, appreciate it.

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hahaha you might be an "idiot", but you're a talented one!! And congratulations on the curie as well !!

I found your post because @soumon featured you in our Pay it forward contest; you should consider joining us too :)

I could not see any image sourcing... Where do you get your images?

Thank you!

Image source... for the memes? Is that seriously what you are asking?

Yes your post is full of them. I think original source deserves to be mentioned.

The intersection of internet memes and copyright law is an interesting area, and one where copyright law has not actually caught up to a changing world. There are several issues at play.

The most basic underlying issue is: Did the original creator of the meme do so legally in the first place (meaning, did the original creator use copyrighted images, and if so, was the use permissible either because of express permission being granted or through fair use)? The answer to that question is usually no - the vast majority of internet memes are probably "technically" copyright violations. I put the technically in quotes because in actual practice, if the meme isn't being use for a commercial purpose e.g. making t-shirt or coffee mug with the meme, etc., this usually falls into a gray area of non-enforcement.

There are one or two famous counter-examples - e.g. the "socially awkward penguin" meme used an image originally featured in Nat. Geo. and Getty images famously filed a takedown notice with a German blog for using the meme and demanded payment for the use. And as far as the text that is added on top of the meme, it is usually not possible to copyright a very short phrase or section of text in the first place even if that phrase or section of text was actually original to the meme creator (and again, in majority of cases, the text is also not original to the meme creator).

But this isn't what you are talking about - you seem to be saying, the post author should give attribution to the meme creator (who as noted above, probably used copyrighted material in the first place). So this is where we get into really gray territory. Unless the meme creator owned the image(s) used in the first place, slapping some text on top would not usually be considered creating something new that could even be copyrighted in the first place. And as noted, the VAST majority of memes are created by people who did not own rights to use the images.

So basically, the vast majority of meme creators are not truly "creating" content in the sense of a photographer who took a picture, or an author who wrote some text, etc. They are combining images and text that they did not have permission to use in the first place, and are doing so for the express purpose of sharing it and with the implied intention that it will "go viral", meaning be shared again and again. That is in fact the entire point of creating and sharing memes.

To say that someone should credit the original meme creator is completely missing the point of memes. It implies in the first place that the meme creator owns copyright to their meme (and in the vast majority of cases, and for the reasons noted above, this is not actually the case), and it also implies that sharing a meme without attribution is wrong somehow.. when that is in fact the entire reason the meme creator created the meme in the first place. Memes are created to be shared. It also ignores the fact that in the vast majority of cases, it is literally impossible to tell who the original creator of the meme was. When a meme goes viral and appears on thousands of web pages, there is almost never a trail of attribution to follow.

So, in short, while there are certainly underlying legal/copyright issues with memes, saying that someone should list the "original source" of an internet meme when the meme is used as memes are intended to be used, as a funny illustration of a point, to me, clearly falls into the "get the stick out of your ass" category. No offense.

Hey, don't u guys agree that Batman with a lightsabre is 100xMCZE30I.gif

more cool than Thanos with the infynity gountlet? tenor.gif

I found them in a very special the bottom of my heart :)tenor (1).gif

This is so cool! I just went back and read/listened to the first two parts - really neat to see the composition continue to grow and get fleshed out. The cello is a great addition. Really beautiful and hypnotic song. And your writing style is hilarious! That GIF of the weatherman absolutely killed me. One of the best posts I have read in a long time, with the combination of outstanding musicianship and really hilarious meme-ry LOL

Much love - Carl

Your song is messing with my mind.

I was listening to the Hair soundtrack on my ipod, and all I'm hearing is:-

"It is the dawning of the age of Ethereum, the age of Ethereum, Ethereum. . ."

Can't get you out of my head dammit! :)

dude seriously I had the SAM riff stuck in my head on repeat for hours...

Lol It's not even something I believe!

But "it is the age of dawning of. . . Delegated Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Stake" is SO NOT catchy! ;)

You had made the day sir for such a lovely music and memes to follow that music it's awesome that's what the best option look in the down market that not to disgrace be motivated. Hope bull run will come in couple of days or months waiting for it...
Be positive!!

btw you still have an open tag - I would definitely recommend adding the "music" tag to your post. You will probably be on the front trending page for #music, or close, if you add it. "classical-music" (regrettably) is not a very big tag as far as the number of people browsing it.

Thank you for noticing that, just added the music tag :)

Ha ha, nope but it was #classical-music that sent you to C2 which seems to have rebounded through to Curie!

yeah to be clear I am not dissing #classical-music LOL But obviously #music tag gets more eyes on it and with a payout like this might as well get more exposure :)

Haha, I know what you meant! I think it is a great idea to use the extra tag for the larger exposure! Anyway, new curation coming in!

Not that easy. I love the hard work people put in to bring out a beauty like this. Keep it going mates

Hi tomista,

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A joy to listen and a great composition

I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @bengy. Congratulations.

Such an excellent post @tomista, The great original compostion performance, the educational explaination and memes with story line. Exceptional in all these areas.. too cool! ;9)

What an amazing composition. Great work

Music and work are like two instruments that cannot be devided each other sir. I like work with beautiful music followed.

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Hi @tomista ,

Such a great pieces of music and the extremely funny presentation was a big plus.

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Thank you for your support and a great opportunity. I really appreciate it :)

About my statement;

Well, what can i say, i am a normal guy, with a normal job, a nice girlfriend that unfortunately doesn't laugh at my blogs but loves my music. I play the guitar since i was like...10 or something but genuinely believe i am not very good at it. Trust me u don't wanna listen to me when i have a bad day :(

About my blogs, I see steemit as an opportunity to let my inner immature child out once in a while and feed it with sarcasm, cynicism and irony. It is not meant to be offensive in any way but something that u can read and have fun.

excellent brother fusion a new vision to this beautiful tango, sublimely changing its structure. I hope to continue listening to your music success.

Dude, you guys sound really good!
Thank you for sharing your process and talent with us @tomista :)

This is an amazing composition. Guitar, cello and cajon go beautifully together. I watched the whole video and loved it.

Grazie mille Donatello :)
tenor (2).gif

When i woke up today and checked steemit, i am like pNR5FDm.gif
Thank you all for nice comments, will keep up the good work :)

Congratulations on your successful post!

I'm visiting your post because @bengy recommended your work for the Pay it Forward Curation Contest here:

@bengy featured you in this week's #payitforward contest @pifc.

Very very entertaining on all levels :) This is what make Steemit GREAT!! Looking forward to more work and hopefully you'll find to your way to joining @PayItForward.

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