Wanderer : arabic song by non arab girl: read then listen

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A wanderer

Walking in the countryside

And the distance (literally step) between my and my beloved is vast

In a faraway land where I am a stranger

The night approaches as the day leaves

And if you find my love say hi to her for me

Reassure me about how she is doing so far away from me 

A wanderer walking in the nights

Not knowing what I'm doing

What has this separation from my love done to me?

For years I've been melting with desire and longing

I just wanna know where is the way to her

My eyes, ah, my eyes (i.e. his beloved)

Where are you, what's happened to you and what are you doing?

My worries, ah my worries

Get away from me, I don't need this

I'm confused about her as it is

And I can't rest

I'm lost, a wanderer

Oh moon, oh you who forgets me

Take me to the one who is absent

Give me light and show me the trail of my darling

I've enjoined you with my last will and you are my witness

Tell her what's going on with me and what I've suffered in the nights

The original song by Abdel Halim Hafez

The song by non arab girl (She is talented and has a great voice)

عبد الحليم حافظ - سواح

سواح وماشي في البلاد سواح

والخطوة بيني وبين حبيبي براح

مشوار بعيد وأنا فيه غريب

والليل يقرب والنهار رواح

وان لقاكم حبيبي سلموا لي عليه

طمنوني الأسمراني عامله إيه الغربة فيه

سواح وأنا ماشي ليالي سواح

ولا داري بحالي سواح

من الفرقة يا غالي سواح

إيه اللي جرى لي سواح

وسنين وأنا دايب شوق وحنين

عايز أعرف بس طريقه منين

يا عيوني..آه يا عيوني

إيه جرى لك فين إنت وبتعمل إيه

يا ظنوني..آه يا ظنوني

ما تسيبوني مش ناقص أنا حيرة عليه

لا أنا عارف أرتاح

وأنا تايه سواح

يا قمر يا ناسيني رسيني عاللي غايب

نور لي .. وريني سكة الحبايب

وصيتك وصية يا شاهد عليا

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