@classifieds - Promoting Business101 Posts.

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From the day this page was started, there has been a lot of things happen here on Steemit.

Although I may be managing this page on my own, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the "Gods of Steemit" may consider adding an option to our settings whereby we could add authors (other users) with a click of a finger.

Til then, here I am!

Many posts buying, selling or promoting business 101 here on Steemit have been resteemed on this page.

We even had a few classifieds posts for buying and selling POCKET tokens, which saw a few million POCKET exchange hands.

One of the main goals here is to PROMOTE POSTS that are doing business right here via Steemit!

The page itself isn't here to make money for itself, it is here to help promote the idea that money can be made via Steemit and it doesn't have to be limited to "upvotes".
As is being done on just about any and every other social network out there!

The tag "classifieds" may be general in nature, yet it covers all the posts that are of that nature.

Will keep swinging away until people start flying like butterflies and stinging like bees!


Aha! Now i know i should use this tag in my future ad posts here. Hehe. Great idea!