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As the title states, my wife and I are selling 1,000,000 Pocket Tokens for other Crypto.

Our asking price is 5SBD ($5.00 USD)/100,000 Pocket Tokens

You are more than welcome to offer Steem or any other Crypto that is offered on Bittrex.

Our goal is to make a portfolio of different Crypto currencies and to use.

As we do not have accounts on Bitshares, we are limited to the currencies offered on Bittrex.

On our first post about this topic we received some good advice, so hopefully on this post we get some serious offers for our PT.


Look forwards to your responses, if you offer SBD or Steem we can make the transfer here on Steemit, for all other crypto currencies listed on Bittrex I can open up a new wallet and we can get it done just as easily.

Thanks for reading.



Yes, my previous comment was intrusive and inappropriate. This is your post, I respect your desire and ability to sell pocket tokens 100K at a time. My comment was a lame attempt to be humorous. If I were serious, I would make my own classifieds post, as you said. I am sorry that I offended you. Please accept my apology. @ironshield

It's cool, too often when talking via a computer screen things come out differently to if we were to have said them face to face.... if it was over beers, we probably would have laughed at it together!

@jackmiller is an extremely cool dude. Yes, if it were over a few beers, we would be laughing about it together. @ironshield

NHF, I must have been on my rags I guess, totally missed the joke.... flew right over my head so to say.

F.I. ... sh#t happens.

Don't hold it against me.

PS. WE set the pace as far as Pocket Token prices go. The more we use them, the more we distrubute them and ensure that the prices are realistic and not undervalued. There are only so many out there, so the more uses for them, the more of a demand there shall be.

Just thinking long term!

That is how I view it + the fact that most transactions for direct sales were about 5SBD /100,000, sure bulk buys have gone lower in price, but that is normal in any business I guess.

Personally, I don't like it when people sell off what they have just to cash in for a burger, when in fact they should be using what they have to make it more valuable!

I really hope demand increases for Pocket Tokens, not everyone has them. The more posts like these that exist, the more we remind or inform people about Pocket Tokens. You are right, we create the value - 5 SBD / 100K is a nice price.

Thank you for the gracious response. We're all in this together, right? If I ever visit Australia, we can talk Pocket Tokens over some beers. @ironshield


Lets not go too far!

It reminds me of the move on The Price is Right where the last person bets “one dollar, bob!” Such a ____ move.

It happens.... things get lost or misunderstood when typed, best comms are over a beer.


Resteemed to my 3700 followers! Thanks Jack for helping us spread the POCKET tokens around. Hopefully, you will sell out soon. :-)

Jack u r your post so much.keep posting...

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