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Recruiting passionate people and vocalists who are serious about becoming a part of the team @Vocalists-Trail!

Steemain Idol will be launching early this month and @Vocalists-Trail's need for judges, sponsors and reps will be inevitable.

If you are interested in helping us grow and have a passion for the vocal arts, then please read on for application details.

Benefits include

SBD rewards, plus exposure from being recognised as part of the team @Vocalists-Trail.

Recruitment will take place over the coming weeks.

Types of positions available:

Judges -

To judge contests, give feedback via comments, PLUS the duty of choosing winners.

Sponsors -

To help in the exposure and funding of @Vocalists-Trail, contests and events.

Scouts -

To roam around steemit finding vocal talent of all kinds

Hosts -

To be the face of and represent @Vocalsits-Trail for contests and events, throughout their reach on social media and steemit, and will likely include podcasts and updates via radio and even YouTube videos.


The application process is an assignment!

  1. Create your own post from your profile and showcase an example of what you will bring to the table representing @Vocalists-Trail!

  1. Make sure to mention in your heading and your first tag is:

                            " Vocalists-Trail "

  1. Link your post in the comments below!

. Types of posts to enter as your audition assignment:

  • Shout out (List of talent scouted)
  • Contest Reminders/Highlights (past & current)
  • Reviews of Vocalists/Contestants
  • Video Rep with personal intro
  • Advertising Exposure OR Sponsoring/Funding Contests/Events
  • Dedicated posts to @Vocalists-Trail

Here are some example posts and content to have a look at to get ideas of the kind of info and structure to go for.

There's nothing like being creative and making something really pop!

Create content that @Vocalists-Trail can promote


Scout for vocal artists on steemit.

You will come across a lot of open mic entries and popular steemit posts for talented voices, musical and non-musical.

If you see any vocal talent that catches your eye, do create a post about some of what you find, and tag @vocalists-trail.

Discord Chat Channel for @Vocalists-Trail:

A Note From Head of Admin:

When I create shout-out posts I usually scout a lot of profiles and choose at least 5-10 people to list. It's ideal to write a couple of sentences about each one, who they are, where they are from and what they do. I find it really fun going through all the musicians and stumbling across awesome variety of vocal abilities...
The people of steemit give great feedback and it's really enjoyable! :)
Any questions, feedback or suggestions are welcome!


@Vocalists-Trail's Sponsor and Head Rep,




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