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RE: Climbing Wall: My training wall in my basement: SUGGESTIONS?

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Nice! That's close to what I had set up. Similar space to set on. I started to make it more interesting by constructing plywood volumes like little triangles to make new angles. Then I had to start putting worse and worse holds on there. I mean you can easily set a couple diagonal moves up to V10 on something like this, it's just up to your setting creativity. My training on something like this consisted of one or two moves at my peak. I would just tweak holds and moves until I was failing a lot and trying to do things that seemed ridiculous haha


How did I know you were going to say volumes. I thought about this. I really should go ahead and build one. I am trying to think of shape/location combos that would be good on this wall. I do have the carpentry skills to create some, but I am inexperienced at shape and placement.

Yea it just gives you a few more style options than hard crimps or really long movement to increase difficulty. If you have the ability to make a few the best way to utilize them I feel like is to use them as tension foot-holds or arete-style handholds. Or to put really really bad holds on so they're usable on that angle wall. Basically set stuff that makes you tighten the core a lot. Like smeared feet or little pancake friction footholds on textured volumes, two handed compression or opposition, etc. Low probability, high tension moves. That kind of thing is climber specific so I guess half the fun becomes finding your own limits and then frustrating yourself by setting what you believe to be impossible.

Thanks, makes sense.

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