FBI Reopens Clinton Investigation. “Bomb Cyclone” and Fake News

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FBI Reopens Clinton Investigation. “Bomb Cyclone” and Fake News

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Rant Summary

FBI is re-opening the Investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails according to the Daily Beast as of Yesterday. Article: https://www.thedailybeast.com/justice-department-looking-into-hillary-clintons-emails-again

Chris Simpson Channel is reporting the Clinton's House was burnt to the ground a day before the investigation re-opened, I just saw this after shooting my film and I have yet to confirm but here is the report from Chris aka @realityreader on steemit: https://youtu.be/4CcDaRuKjYc

I wanted to also talk about how the weather channels are taking the data / radar maps from NOAA and blowing them way out of proportion. They are changing areas of rain into areas of snow in the forecast to drive up ratings, while they ignore Geoengineering which is having an effect on these storms.

Always go to NOAA and compare the radar there to what is on TV, the media gets all it's radar data from NOAA so it should be the same, but it isn't I saw it first hand yesterday. The Weather Channel was showing a radar or all snow across lower Cape Cod while NOAA was showing anything East of Boston was gonna get rain. This is intentionally hyping storms for views. The mainstream media is 100% fake news, they can't even look outside and tell you if it is raining or snowing honestly, I mean come on.

NOAA Doppler Radar: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/radar_tab.php

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Except the story wasn't debunked. The FBI just released these documents this week that prove that Hillary and Obama lied about Russia not being involved in criminal activities at the time that allowed the uranium deal to go through. The documents show the start of the investigation by the FBI in 2009 and of which they hid the documents for four years until they convicted one token Russian on bribery charges. The documents also clearly show the bribery and pay to play by the clinton foundation.

I am not sure that we disagree, the question remains will the FBI actually do anything?

I just saw a video of ReallyGraceful. She's awesome, too! :D

If Clinton doesn't get nailed for her crazy crimes, justice in the USA is dead and buried. I can't believe Trump didn't go after her right after the election. He was openly accusing her of wiping hard-drives of emails during one of the debates for god's sake.

She needs to be put in jail for all her lies. The poor sailor was jailed just for taking pics and lost everything.

Yes, I remember. So unfair. That should not be forgotten.

She should be placed in prison for every one of her falsehoods. Poor people mariner was imprisoned only to take pics and lost everything.

The wicked witch of washington needs to rot in prison! If the average joe did a sliver of what the Benghazi bitch has done, they'd be crucified. WTF is wrong with the FBI. PROSECUTE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW YOU PUSSIES!

Yes, I was profoundly upset when I read the news right after it happened.

Thanks for the valuable information
I have some information on the office
The FBI, a government agency of the US Department of Justice that acts as an internal intelligence agency and law enforcement force in the country, prevents criminal operations such as murder, extortion, theft, murder and smuggling. :D

In the event that Clinton doesn't get nailed for her insane violations, equity in the USA is dead and covered. I can't trust Trump turned out poorly her directly after the race. He was transparently blaming her for wiping hard-drives of messages amid one of the level headed discussions for's the love of all that is pure and holy.

The Federal Investigation Office at the Edgar Hoover Building in Washington has 56 FBI offices located in prominent cities in the United States, more than 350 local investigation offices in cities and less important areas, as well as 60 international investigation offices Consulates and embassies around the world.

what going in USA since last year!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still skeptical... I just can't imagine them actually following through but it is certainly "interesting times" worthy of a prophecy.

Interesting information and times we live in.

Informative....Thanks for the information and helpful .
Thank's for sharing sir...

Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post.

Good to see you well, and active! I just read a post by ReallyGraceful. Awesome, too! :)

great investigation, thanks for sharing...

thanks for the information

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Thanks for everything you do Titus. You are an inspiration. God will bless you for your good heart. Good luck with charity giveaway. People will be very grateful I'm sure. Joy

Bagus bagus

It's all good!!

But the story wasn't exposed. The FBI just discharged these records this week that demonstrate that Hillary and Obama lied about Russia not being associated with criminal exercises at the time that permitted the uranium arrangement to experience. The reports demonstrate the begin of the examination by the FBI in 2009 and of which they shrouded the records for a long time until the point when they indicted one token Russian on gift charges

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