Set up your SmartCash SmartNode with Inexpensive Hosting at CloudCone

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Here are some more CloudCone plans that are cheap. Set up swap space to make sure they run well. If by chance you get one that is too slow to finish syncing after a few hours, destroy it and make a new one.

Cloudcone (limit five servers per plan):

$1.67 512MB
$1.75 512MB
$1.99 512MB
$2.00 512MB
$2.37 1GB
$2.49 1GB
$2.99 1GB
$3.33 2GB
$3.49 2GB
$4.91 4GB
$4.99 4GB

and if you're new to setting up a SmartNode, here's a guide: (this approach works with Cloudcone and other providers as well)

Remember, if you are migrating from an existing SmartNode you can do this:

  1. use the same genkey as before!
  2. edit the IP address of your SmartNode in the node wallet configuration to your new SmartNode VPS after it receives a payment (so you don't have an extra wait time)
  3. after you do this, do a new "start alias" command.

While it takes a little time to set these up and get them synced, overall it reduces your cost of ownership which is always a good thing.


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