Genesis Mining and Hashflare Cyberweek sale

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One of the best investments of btc in my opinion is cloud mining. If you are going to spend the most valued crypto in the world it better be for a legit purpose or to pay some major bills like a mortgage. Everyone has their own mining strategy and price points and some strategies are definitely better than others. Owning your own equipment is desirable for a lot of people, especially in crypto we have all been taught to control as much as we can and to secure it as much as possible but for some the physical ownership of mining rigs isn't an option due to noise or space.

For people who can't own mining rigs there are cloud options available to mine for you. Two of the major cloud mining sources are Genesis Mining and Hashflare. Both offer sha-256 mining as well as many alt-coin mining options but here lately Genesis has had sparse options for BTC sha-256 contracts(because they are the best available), they tend to sell quickly and have increased in price with the latest batch of contracts. Of course the increase in price isn't a huge deal because of the lifetime open ended contract term.

The other option is Hashflare which has taken a lot of heat lately for their change from a open-ended contract to 1 year contracts.In comparison though Hashflare is cheaper to purchase in the short run and allows for beginners in cloud mining to come in at lower price points, though you do have to mine a minimum amount before you can withdraw so keep that in mind.

I'm sure there are other cloud mining sites out there and they are legit but these two sites have been around for a while and have been tried and true to their many customers. If you have any other tips on cloud mining leave a comment below and throw an upvote on my post if you feel inclined.

Btw here are the Links to both: Genesis Mining and Hashflare(Currently Running a Sale)

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