A Closer Look: The "WYLD" Skateboard by @cmmerch

in #cmmerch2 years ago

Here @cmmerch we are always trying to push our limits as to what we can produce. Everyday is spent thinking up new ideas, concepts, products, merch and much more.

When researching and developing new ideas and products we always keep 3 guidelines in mind that help make sure we only create/make the best we can.

Quality - As stated before, we pride ourselves on the fact that we create the products and items with our hands. Most current day crypto stores & steem related stores don't actually produce their products. More so most of these so called stores don't even see nor touch the items that you the consumer are buying. And that to us is a BIG NO NO. By making the products ourselves we can ensure the Quality of each item resulting in happier customers.

Customization - It has always been in our vision to create things that people can make their own. We offer the option for you to create whatever you want no matter the order size.

Love Of the craft - We don't/won't make what we don't enjoy creating. Which means all the products we offer are all products we enjoy making.

With all that being said, Here is our
Official Concept WYLD Edibles Skateboard.



32 x 8.5 x 2 inches
4 ply