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Last night at 10 o'clock in the evening, "moonny" the first selected article vote officially ended, I just got up in the morning, they received the enthusiastic @ jubi sent the data statistics, then looked at the phone with a rough look, the hearts of With the general, on the way to the company, I still think about how to make this event more lively to attract more people to participate in, really do my own efforts to set the direction of "dedicated to Steemit Chinese community diversity, Dedicated to diversify and enrich the Steemit Chinese community.

We have listened to @hannahwu personal opinion, give up personal rewards, will give more opportunities to others, and thank you again here, but we are in fact Do not encourage the winners to give up the reward, unless the rules have changed, otherwise the award will lose its own serious and formal significance, but we will consider the adoption of @ hannahwu proposal, after the leader to participate in the activities of the creative champion but no longer participate in the award.

In the morning, I saw a note published by @bring "to the" Commentary on "Once upon a time," I am deeply touched and I always think that it is always worthwhile to dare to face your opinion. People happy things, of course, if we can put forward on the basis of advice, and then make some suggestions even more perfect, and @bring this article, not only put forward some personal views, but also made a little bit of advice, I After detailed reading, with the organizing committee of the people discussed, we all agreed to this best proposal (contribution) award awarded to @bring, to its recommendations made sure that its dare to say "moon I would like to express my gratitude to me on behalf of the organizing committee.

In addition, @ jubi in the offer of the voting table, also made some personal comments and suggestions, I also read carefully, some of which I am deeply agree with the proposal, which we will focus on the introduction of @ jubi Google name ( Google search title keywords) mechanism.

In addition, for everyone on the "Jubilee Comments" made some suggestions, I summed up the following aspects need to improve the aspects, but also welcome everyone brainstorming, put forward your own views or suggestions:

1, consider the introduction of judges scoring mechanism

In the original judges recommended articles and brief comments on the basis of the judges to increase the score, for each article to respond to the score;

2, consider the article votes and read the score into the score

Articles of votes and readings into the score, accounting for a certain percentage of scores;

3, the introduction of @ jubi Google name (Google search title keywords)

Listen to the advice of @bring and @jubi, introduce @jubi's Google name (Google search title keyword) mechanism.

Some students may be why not use the support of the Chinese better Baidu, which I began to have this doubt, after communication with @ jubi, Baidu to understand the Chinese index time compared to Google is still unsatisfactory, in order to avoid delay Judgments, so we will be based on Google data, with the same name of Google, the specific way the next event will inform you in detail.

4, increase the award

Currently set the top pick, second place, third overall prize, consider the introduction of the first two, second, third, so on the basis of the original award doubled, hoping to take care of more students The

5, the rest of the supplement (welcome to add)

The front of the screen you have a better suggestion? Welcome to leave your voice in the comments area, maybe the next "moonny" best contribution award is none other than you!

        SBD income will be used for all the late "Jurassic Review" activities reward excellent author!


Welcome you follow @alamjroh, more suggestions, please also comment to leave your voice and footprints, so we also remember your contribution to society a strength.


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