20,000 Pakistani troops deployed on the Ladakh border,An example of Pakistan-China friendship emerged

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India is in tension with China on the eastern Ladakh border. Among them, Pakistan deployed about 20,000 troops on the northern Ladakh border.



Are the neighbors surrounding India? Sources said the issue has been raised repeatedly in the past few days in multiple meetings of intelligence with the Indian Army. Indian intelligence has told the military that Pakistan has deployed about 20,000 troops in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Ladakh.



In the north, India is surrounded by China, Pakistan, and Nepal-Bhutan from west to east. The whole is part of the inaccessible Himalayas. China at one end of Ladakh, Pakistan at the other end. At the moment, India's tension with China is on the eastern edge of Ladakh. Tensions escalated on the night of June 15 after clashes between the two countries' armies and the death of 20 Indian soldiers. Since then, several corps commander level meetings have taken place between the two countries. The two countries' armies also held a meeting at the Indo-China border on Wednesday. But so far no solution has been found.


Negotiations are underway. But in the meantime, India has been continuously gathering troops on the Chinese border in Ladakh. Officially, about 10,000 troops have been deployed there. However, army sources said that more than 10,000 troops have been deployed along the border. Tanks and other combat equipment were sent. The Air Force is stationed at Leh Airport in Ladakh. A red alert has been issued there for 60 days. According to the source, the Indian fighter jet can reach the border in just 6 minutes and return to the airbase.

China has also deployed troops on the other side of the Line of Actual Control. It is learned that almost the same amount of army has been stored there. Not only that, but China is also known to have its air force ready in three airstrips very close to the Line of Actual Control.

In this situation, Nepal and Pakistan have become very important. China's relations with Pakistan are good now. The Karakoram Highway is an important connecting road between the two countries. The two countries now have good trade relations as well. Pakistan raised objections in the international arena after the repeal of Article 370 from Indian Kashmir. Only China supported Pakistan. As a result, Pakistan-China relations are important in the Indian subcontinent. On the other hand, small countries like Nepal have also roared against India. The rift within the Communist Party there is now clear. Incumbent Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's relationship with former Prime Minister Prachanda has come to a standstill. According to experts, the team still has a lot of strength. But there is a lot of speculation about where Oli is getting so much power from. According to many, the Chinese Communist Party is secretly helping Oli. As a result, Olio has taken an anti-India stance, ignoring the well-known stand of the Communist Party of Nepal.

According to intelligence reports, Pakistan has amassed troops in Gilgit-Baltistan in northern Ladakh as well as in the Jammu and Kashmir region near the border. At the same time, some quarters are claiming that Pakistan has talked to China about extremists inside Kashmir. If war breaks out in this situation, then the whole of India's north-eastern to north-western border will be affected. According to Indian intelligence sources, the army has also been informed of such fears.
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