China fears new epidemic

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Bubonic plague after a corona. New epidemics are feared in China. A high alert has been issued in Mongolia.

China fears a new epidemic after Corona A patient with the bubonic plague was found in the Mongolia region of northern China on Sunday. Earlier, bubonic plague was found in the bodies of two people in southern Mongolia. A high alert has been issued across the province following Sunday's incident. According to the administration, this alert will continue until the end of 2020. Because the bubonic plague is contagious. It is likely to spread quickly.


Last Saturday, a patient was admitted to a hospital in Mongolia in northern China with an unknown disease. On Saturday evening, doctors realized that the patient had contracted bubonic plague. Bubonic plague is a contagious and terrible disease. The disease can kill a person within 24 hours. Doctors informed the local administration as soon as they understood the bubonic plague. On Sunday, the administration issued a third level high alert.


Corona from the plague: conspiracy theory of the disease
The United States has spread AIDS
AIDS spread in the United States in the 1980s Later, in 1973, the KGB, the Soviet intelligence service, began to spread rumors. It is said that the Americans invented HIV as a germ weapon in Fort Detroit, which was later applied to prisoners, the indigenous minority, and homosexuals. This conspiracy theory is still popular today

China's state news agency claims that the bubonic plague virus was found in the bodies of two people in southern Mongolia on July 1. One is 26, the other is 18. It is known that they ate marmot meat. Marmot is a type of mountain mouse. Many people in Mongolia eat their meat. According to experts, wild rats and rodents produce a type of insect. The bubonic plague bacteria are transmitted through those insects. Experts say that these bacteria are more likely to spread quickly from one person to another. According to the World Health Organization guidelines, death can be caused by this disease if not treated within 24 hours.

A high alert has been issued in Mongolia following the outbreak of bubonic plague. It has been said that even if there is a slight illness, you have to go to the doctor's. If you notice any abnormality in the body, you should take the advice of a doctor. Can't sit at home.


Is the goal of pharmacies changing?
YY7, a global consulting firm, released a new report on Monday They show that in 2019, large pharmacies earned হাজার 19.6 billion as a result of developing and researching cancer drugs. On the other hand, their income from the treatment of infectious diseases is a little more than five thousand crores

At the same time, China is worried about another disease besides the bubonic plague. Scientists say a new influenza virus has been found in the body of a pig. The new virus is also known to cause epidemics. The Chinese University of Agriculture recently discovered the new influenza virus. Scientists claim that the genotype four virus can easily enter the human body. The virus spreads the disease by binding to body cells. It is feared that the disease may spread from different pig farms in the country.


The first corona spread from China's Wuhan Province. Which later spread all over the world. Although the incidence of the corona has decreased, for the time being, the administration fears that corona may spread in the second phase. Among them are two new diseases, China fears. The World Health Organization is also concerned. Corona has virtually gripped the entire world economy and health system. Experts believe that if another epidemic occurs, the face of the world will be horrible.