The United States is keen to see China as its "main enemy."

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China's growing influence in the world has become a headache for the United States. That is why Washington has started various economic and diplomatic activities to corner Beijing. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also publicly lashed out at China during a visit to London on Tuesday. He said they want to form a global alliance to deal with China. In such a situation, the US administration has ordered the closure of a Chinese consulate in the United States.


Pompeo also visited London on Tuesday amid growing tensions with China over trade issues, the implementation of Chinese security laws in Hong Kong, and the coronavirus situation. He met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. Pompeo also praised Boris Johnson for announcing the exclusion of Chinese company Huawei from the construction of the Five-G network in Britain. He said that if this had not been done, the information of British citizens could have gone into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party


US President Donald Trump has already said that China is the main enemy of the United States. Trump accused Chinese President Xi Jinping of taking advantage of trade. At the same time, Trump called the coronavirus a "Chinese plague" and said that C had hidden the truth about the coronavirus outbreak.

Pompeo alleges that Beijing has obscured the true nature of the coronavirus epidemic and is using it in "stigmatized ways" to further its own interests. At the same time, referring to China as aggressive, the US Secretary of State said that Beijing has illegally occupied the sea, provoking the Himalayan countries.

"We can form an alliance that will deal with the Chinese threat and works as an alliance to convince the Chinese Communist Party that such behavior will not serve their interests," Pompeo told reporters. "Those who believe in democracy and freedom, we want to see such countries in this alliance and those countries must understand that the Chinese Communist Party is posing a threat to them."

Diplomats say Pompeo's visit to London comes at a time when Boris Johnson's government is in a strong position against Beijing over the implementation of new national security laws in the former British colony of Hong Kong. In addition to speaking out against China, another purpose of his visit was to advance a free trade agreement with the post-Brexit (separation from the European Union) the United Kingdom. Pompeo said such an agreement could have been made long ago. But did not. It should be completed as soon as possible.

The US State Department has ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas, by Friday. According to the BBC, smoke billowed from the consulate building after the announcement. It is speculated that Chinese officials may have burned their documents before closing the office. Houston police wrote in a post on Twitter that smoke was seen billowing from the consulate. However, the police did not get permission to enter the building.

In an immediate response to the US move, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the US move was "horrific and unjust." If this decision is not withdrawn, an appropriate response will be given. This is a kind of political provocation and a violation of international law.

However, the State Department said the move was aimed at protecting the country's intellectual property rights and the personal information of U.S. citizens.

China does not stop. For the first time, Chinese shipyards have built two Type 075 amphibious warships for the Chinese navy. It is capable of attacking from both water and land.