Breaking news! Dlike project now blacklisted by Steemcleaners. Will Steemcoinpan plan to have a Steemcleaners?

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I was looking around some of the Dapp projects on Steem, when I looked at Dlike on Steemd I found there was a (-23.56%) downvote from spaminator (has 2.7 M SP delegated from Steemit Inc). That was a big surprise for me as I was wondering, how did that happen?


Then I checked black list API from
Boo.. dlike is now listed as a blacklist user on Steemcleaners


What happen? I don't know. I jumped on Dlike's Discord channel. It does have some conversation between Dlike and Steemcleaners staff.


I think logic from SC is questioning why dlike doesn't integrate markmark's blacklist API to their project. From the timestamp on Steemd when dlike got hit from spaminator it looks like SC blacklisted dlike a few hours after they asked on Discord.

Now the question is, does Steemcoinpan plan to implement something similar like Steemcleaners in the future? If you ask me I would rather not, I hate scammer/spammer too but I think as long as they don't get upvote from SCT holder or their posts downvoted by Steemcoinpan. Why give huge power to a project/a couple of people that may be in some way abuse it. (I'm not saying Steemcleaners would abuse but it may or may not happen)

@jack8831, what's your opinion? Or you guys might already talked about this but I missed it.

CN的大侠们你们怎么想?Steemcoinpan需要一个类似Steemcleaners 这样的一个项目在Steemcoinpan上来踩垃圾信息吗?



村子你回复好快!恩,我也是觉得steemcleaners挺吓走人的。主要是想讨论下是不是该给很大的权利给一个项目,steemcleaners好像只有少数几个人在管,一个2.7 M SP的账号权利会不会未免太大了一些。还有就是谁来监管他们呢?


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