Hong Kong Marathon Carnival & Making Household Soap~ What is Saponification? 渣打香港馬拉松嘉年華 & 製作家事皂~ 甚麼是皂化反應?

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Tomorrow is a race day of Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2018.
Last weekend, runners went to Victoria Park to take their Runner's Pack.
Next to the location of Runner’s Pack Collection, there was a Marathon Carnival. And this was the second year for me to be a helper for the carnival.


In my resting time, I walked around.


Runners tried to find their names on the boards.


It had a small playground for children.


Upload your picture to FB and get tomatoes from Hokkaido.

只要拍照上載到FB ,就可以拿到一袋熊本縣的蕃茄。

Got a file after winning small games.

Then, I found an interesting booth which sold Eco-friendly products.

This marathon carnival provides a platform for the store to promote Eco-friendly products although the products do not really related to the marathon.
The founders of the store, Savon Workshop are housewives and they wanted to promote Eco-friendly products to the public.


It provided a workshop to make Household Soap. It contained recycled oil which makes waste becomes useful.


Description of household soap from Savon Workshop 香皂工房家事皂的介紹

Through mixing fats and Sodium hydroxide(NaOH), it produces Sodium Aliphatate and glycerol.
The process of producing soap calls Saponification. Household soap can be used to wash dishes, clothes, and fruits.


The process of making household soap was quite simple. Adding water into NaOH and then pour oil into the container.
Stir it for around fifteen minutes. You had to wait for it to finish the reaction of Saponification for a month.

製作過程十分簡單,先把水混和粉狀的氫氧化鈉作成鹼液,然後把油脂按份量倒入杯中並不斷攪拌。最花時間的步驟反而是攪拌,讓油脂和氫氧化鈉進行皂化反应,攪了約十多分鐘才成功。 攪拌以後,可不是可以立即用,而是要把它放在陰暗處一個月,讓它皂化完成,才可以使用。

After seven days, it becomes a solid.


This was an amusing experience for me!
Lastly, Best of luck for all participants!



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