Code-Breaking Challenge #1: Bank Heist Stage 2 of 5 - What is My Name? (>4 SBD Prizes)

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Bank Heist: Stage 2 of 5 - What is My Name?

The Codebreaking Challenge is Steemit's first puzzle-solving and code-breaking game designed by me (@wilfredn). It's a real-time game that will have you competing and collaborating with other players to solve a puzzle and progress to the next stage. Compete for a prize pool that grows in size as more players join in the fun.

The final stage puzzle will be released on Saturday, 24 Feb 2018, 17:00 UTC.

After solving the first puzzle, Ted McConnor noted down the seed word in the decrypted message. A week went by until he received a second message.

teddy bear.jpg

His real name? How did they figure out his real first name? Who are they?

Find the Secret Key, which is [seed word from last stage] [solution to this stage's puzzle]. Solve the following encrypted message on AES Encryption Website:


Hint: full name please. Remember also that the Secret Key is always in lowercase.

You'll need this: AES Encryption Website.

Good luck! Remember to follow the rules (upvote, resteem, follow!) and instructions.

You need to solve all the previous stages to get the seed word for this puzzle. If this is your first time playing, start at Stage 1 (use the codebreaker tag to find all the posts)!

Code-Breaker Challenge Rules


Sorry for releasing this later than expected. You'll find a discord server invite link if you manage to solve this one.

This one is harder!

Update: As of 22 Feb 2018 12:52pm UTC, only player @tarachan99 has made it into the discord channel. We're waiting for you!


Stage 3 will be released tonight. Thanks to a generous upvote by @fabien for the stage 1 game, our prize pool has increased tremendously and I'm quite confident that the final 2 winners will share more than 4 SBD in prizes!

It was tricky but I finally got there :p I was overthinking it a little bit too much :D

Here's a hint for those who are struggling with Stage 2!

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