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RE: Some Updates on bug finding in steem auto and plans

in #codeonsteem4 months ago

dear @steem-supporter

We are still looking in the bug and hope to resolve it by tonight . It might have your trail disabled so please login your dashboard and goto curation settings to re enable it instantly

Perhaps you could describe what do you mean as "re-enabling" curation trail? Shall we do it as a owner curation trail main account or every single user should do it?



we mean the folowers -- are you expierencing any new imporvements ?

Dear @steem-supporter

I wish to experience them. However few new users joined @ph-fund curation trails and still - whenever I upvote using this account, not even one followed with an upvote :(

It's so strange that your curation trail is working fine, but mine isn't.

Yours, Piotr

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