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As requested by many communities i was dedicated to bring steemauto back online , Steem Auto was made by @mahdiyari , who has now completely migrated to hive . I tried to fork the repo and work on it , but turns out the repository was not maintained and only intial codes were there , which can be used for acedemic purposes and no way works on production .
Since projects like @project.hope @canna-curate and many other were using this service for trail upvotes and many other features , i have dedicated myself to bring this service to the community , however as i am also working on openmarket , this has to wait at least 15 days unless the first phase of open market will be lanched in few days , track here (

Stay tuned for any announcements and progress reports by joining our discord

I think @steemitblog should also do a code month in their 100 days steem program to reward programmers and developers good for their contrubution on the steem network , this would be an awesome idea ,

hashtag : #codeonsteem

Do vote our witness @steem-supporter by going to

shoutout to @dev365 to support our witness and encourage us more




Thank you for your great work

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eagerly waiting for the news.

Thanks for your dedication and good work

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