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Its a very good start to get INC's support and a lot of people tweeting about us . But with ecommerce a lot of hassels comes up , to eliminate this our first buisness model was to keep the account @steem-keeper as in the middle of every transaction and later use the steem default escrow mechanism to escrow the payment . But we are been thinking of different mechanism to fight, scams and disputes . One of our team members proposed a better mechanism of staking. All transactions on https://opnmarket.com shall be p2p but to eliminate scams we woud like to propose the below solution . Do let us know in comments if this is right or not .

  1. Steem Staking with @steem-supporter : Vendors are required to send 5K steem to @steem-supporter and if there is any disputes or scams , the buyer can be refunded with this stake and vendors can always close the shop and get a refund of staking as soon as all the pending orders are cleared.

  2. Reputation system : Vendors crossing the suspicious limits and have better reputation in the shop shall be refunded the stake and still the payment will be p2p and no staking is required .

  3. Steem power : vendors having large SP dont need any staking as they have invested in steem and its unlikely to scam other peoples.

Please let us know your thoughts :

We also have some exicting feature coming in the name of steem side chain where all our products will be integrated with one single token

https://opnmarket.com is still in early alpha , bugs are expected , we love your feedback ,

Phase 2 and 3 will be finished soon as we can go online with full working production

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For further information , please join our discord server where we can discuss a lot of things https://discord.gg/psHEdsK

Dont forget to vote @steem-supporter for witness

shoutout to @steemitblog @steemcurator01 to put your thought on this


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I like the staking idea. Then, what will @steem-keeper account do with the steem balance from the vendors? Keep it liquid? or Power up and do something creative by offering general promotion(or discounts) depending on the reputation of each vendor build up?
Or, power up and delegate back to the vendor?

i think giving the vendor to withdraw the steem anytime would be better --so keeping it liquid is a good idea

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