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After we have release the beta version of steem auto from a very low standard code source , we have been facing bit of a problem on bug fixing, some we don't even know why it was not working because we did not write the code ourselves, if we had written code ourselves from scratch steem auto would far from release from today, so as we forked the code that was on github and started working on it we find it very difficult as it was not complete and nothing was organized. After a week or more effort and today we stand at a position to says things will work.

What works :

As yesterday, we have enabled other features now the below item works perfectly (as far as we have tested)

  1. Curation Trail
    — Trail your favourite curation trail and automate curation

  2. Scheduled post
    — It is now possible to write a post now and publish it in a later time

  3. Upvote comments
    — Automate your upvotes to your favorite author comments

  4. Claim Rewards
    — Automatically claim your pending rewards every hour

  5. Fantasy (still little bugs)
    — Follow your favorite author and vote for them whenever they publish

Upcoming Features

We will be releasing Downvoting Trail , and Liquid payment in steem auto

  1. what is liquid payment ?

When you post from steem auto then you will have an option to set @ss-fund as your 100% benificary and when the reward will come then you will be transferred 100% liquid steem and vested shares will be kept by @ss-fund . there will be some percent fees on this service which we havent decided yet. There will be a dashboard where you can see how much steem is pending from your rewards . This can be done manually by setting @ss-fund as benificary manually while posting directly https://steemit.com and yet you will see the datas in steem auto

Our anothe product rupa bot (get all onchain notifications in discord ) is working perfectly fine if you have not yet sucsribed for notification then please do so by joining our discord https://discord.gg/YpHxfFc .

We are still on dev phase for open market and soon will be released (expecting to do it next week if every things went well), if you dont know whats openmarket then please read our post about it https://steemit.com/steem/@steem-supporter/announcing-openmarket .

We would like to shout to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 to support us with delegations so that we can provide big fat upvotes to any developers who is working on top of the steem blockchain #codeonsteem .

Please follow our curation trail on steemauto https://auto.steemdb.online/dash.php?i=1&trail=steem-supporter

webiste for steem auto : https://auto.steemdb.online

If you like what we are doing to help the steem ecosystem , please give us your valuable witness vote

Join our discord to contact us for any feature request for steem auto or rupa at our discord here https://discord.gg/YpHxfFc

Signing off
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Already voted as a witness!
I love their liquid payment service. Good idea!

Keep going, you're doing great.

This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration06
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I registered and I'm following Project Hope trail but no autovote, I think, for 4 days. Any idea?

Hasn't worked for at least 10 days for me... Never once worked since I authorized it.

can you please check the settings page in the dashboard

"Enabled", fixed voting weight 100%, curation trail: ph-fund.

Upvoting status: Normal
Current Mana: 99.66%
Limit on Mana: 60% (Click to edit)

Something else?

"Enabled", fixed voting weight 100%, curation trail: ph-fund.

Upvoting status: Normal
Current Mana: 99.66%
Limit on Mana: 60% (Click to edit)

Something else?

thanks for the reply ,
by far i see that the ph fund trail is the only trail that is not working
i think they should delete the trail and make again , there seems to be some problem there .
i will check tho

Dear @steem-supporter

I'm sorry but if this is the only solution, that we would need to delete trail and lose pretty much most of those who follow it right now - then we may as well just forget about using steemauto :(

Reality is that it took several hours of few people to promote our curation trail and we wouldn't be able to reach half of those users who already joined. And reaching others, explaining to them entire situation and getting to point where we are now - it would take another few hours.

Can you imagine how badly it would damage reputation of steemauto if I will be trying to explain to >100 people users following our trail, that something is wrong with this software and developer behind it suggested closing down trail and starting all over.

And for all I know - this may not even solve any problem.

I would have more faith, if we wouldn't test it just few days ago. I'm not sure if you remember. I created new curation trail (account: creativeblue) and I followed it with 2 other accounts. Tested it few times and not once it worked well.

Unfortunatelly, it's very discouraging and a bit saddening. I just don't see much hopes for finding any solution. The one you suggested is just not gonna work :(


the one choice i have is manually enabling all users that follow you and casting vote tests ..i will do that now
lets see what it turns out

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