intermezzo : PHP 8 : JIT GUD

in #codinglast month (edited)

i usually wouldnt crack the flow of standard generated update posts that come from everything i already did this week but

... Nvidia brings out 3000 series to put console users in their place before the first one is sols (makes a 40bln deal for ARM that makes the whole tiktok political charade look like meh) AND php 8 goes wild and takes care of people taking it seriously instead of "just a gateway script" ... :D

if i still had emotions id be excited

From Tweakers

*JIT gaat een stap verder en slaat niet de opcacheversie van een script op, maar compileert de opcode naar machinecode, zoals x86-instructies. Hiermee wordt de code dan niet in de virtuele machine, maar direct op de processor uitgevoerd. Hiermee kunnen scripts in theorie nog meer snelheidswinst behalen. De kanttekening hierbij is dat dit vooral voordeel heeft voor code die gebonden is aan de cpu. Veel PHP-applicaties zullen echter vooral io bound zijn, omdat ze bijvoorbeeld wachten op een database. *

So here's this fossil oddball who has been daring the burning gaze of stackoverlords in search of les OP's ...
Already on track with using flatfiles over sql since faster and now

they just do it

Improved performance for cpu-intensive scripts ...



win ... :))


reading on , faast b/c i have been sitting up without my inflatable cushion and this morning after my morning nap (manadatory for CFS alas) i immediately remembered why i was convinced to buy that thing ... its all tingling up my scalp, and not my naughty parts at all, as if the blood wont get there properly

SO ...

negative array indices ... ahem although great in my particular case for this very thing at this time in space i fear that will lead to a lack of error messages on which i have come to rely sometimes ... BUT GUT

how else does one git GUD ...

(you don't by listening to advice of people who's idea of 'good practice' is readability over performance, you just become nice and oiled in the pipeline ... but that's my obnoxious opinion and feel free to point out the fact that i am a nutcase and also a broke bum with zero degrees in anything I.T. or otherwise - its good to be harmless, it gets you not shot in certain places , it becomes a habit )

not too cool about the strictness , if i were an autist who needed a nanny state to tell me how to write and read i'd do python but see what that gives first ... i STILL THINK THAT SHOULD BE A CHOICE, NOT ENFORCED,


hmm ... stable sorting can't be anything but good

... syntax ... well syntax is a waste of brainspace since they invented google imo since programming logic is what it is since Von Neumann and basically hasn't changed yet

even your precious OOP is from the 1960s ... barely cracking edge anymore

classes .. i tend not to ... machines don't have classes and objects , i have never seen the need to get into it but thats probably since i'm a rank amateur hobbyist nut instead of an oiled pipeliner

i can NOT imagine something like objects and custom classes improving performance , only maintenance, which is fine

since i'm the only one digesting my spaghetti

mwell, the rest looks like aesthetics and semantics

to the untrained bum-eye ofcourse i am not "a pro" and also not "a dev" ... JIT = GUD , the tendens ton normalize the spacetime continuum towards autism like python however worries me but FINE

its not like im making money with it and between Unity , UE and Unigine im gonna have to pick up c# and and c++ too anyway somewhere along the road to my last day on earth

i wish unity could add c++ ... that would make it simpler across the board

but wellll....

there you go : now you can start with the

"frowned upon"-type looks in my general direction the likes of "who are you ?" and "what have you done for the team" ? and all that




actually :)

bye now .. i can feel my vertebrae sinking, after a few weeks of that cushion i got lured into thinking things wer better

but it seems i need my hawking gear

... no no no ... see : i have never claimed , nor will i

the way i see and as far as i think i understand, without claiming to be the inventor of sliced bread while at it : strict use of types would probably increase performance if the machine has to re-compile it EVERY single time since it has to figure out ... stuff ... which it doesnt have to if the types are there, HOWEVER, seeing this thing would compile it up front, not even to the translated opcodes but the actual executable that part becomes a one-time trade-off which is (even to my nuttery) negligible, i tend to count more in how many picoseconds per million calls ... (dont i sound l33t now today, do i ...) one-time complilation of a script that's used frequently will have no subsequent impact wether it has to figure out more ... stuff ... or not since the executable will be what it is

see ?

bare logic ...

owns formal education, a wise guy once said

(so my point there was "it should be a choice, not enforced by overlords" :)

a-huh, WELL

i don't need to disclaim anything really, i spent enough work on this thing to get bill gates money from consultancy fees (before it crashed) if i would be a pro and a l33t and a dev and a what not , and then it crashed and then mozilla and google started to tell me like "you need 20 times consent to use some simple canvas" and i was like YEA SURE and then this and that, and the last 20 years plus its fucking hot, im sweaty and not having worn my inflatable hawking gear makes me more pain that usual so its not passive aggressive, its fucking hostile

(l m ao ... you see, i do not understand where you got the idea that i'm trying to be funny with anything ? its just YOUR idea of how things are but life aint like that ... more than half of everyone you meet is ready to take everything (as well as your sisters panties, with a big smile and someone might kill you for getting to that rotten sandwich in the garbage can first)

on the other side of the planet "democracy is in danger" because there's not enough protection for the peaceful burning down of wendies and in africe they still make kids eat hearts

i dont play that hoo-wa woo wa and that's that, i have all respect in the world for anyone with autism trying to make SOMETHING in this hell but between python , rust , ada and probably a few i havent heard of id say

"using python on a supercomputer is a basic mortal sin against von neumann and turing alike"

and that's that ... acting all pro but needing to have your ass wiped by a clean environment that FORCES you to un-create and colour within lines , leaving no room for error

that's one step away from no-coding ...


i KNOW you have an answer to that and i think i know what it is but it's rhetorical


i was just gonnna "YAY COMPILED-ASS PHP !!!"

and quit but you know

the pain

the heat

the place ....

this message was written under the influence of living in belgium

i therefor disclaim any relation to the game or its inhabitants

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