Legend of cofee

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Coffee is probably one of the most popular drinks consumed by adults, but many are not very familiar with the history of coffee. Understanding the history of coffee will make you appreciate that rich aroma that you love so much. According to Arab legend, an Arab goat herder was doing his daily activities when suddenly his herd of goats started dancing around a green leafy plant. The plant seemed to have cherries growing, the shepherd decided to try this fruitful plant. He noticed that he felt a stimulating effect that kept him awake for hours. After he revealed his secret to others, they started using coffee for the same reason. It is said that once introduced to a priest, he began to promote coffee and its effects throughout the monastery for ongoing prayer sessions. Downstairs and voila, we had a telltale drink that would soon become a favorite to take me often. Ethiopia's Coffee Story Begins While many believe the legend of goat farming is true while learning about the history of coffee, others need more evidence to believe when it comes to discuss the history of coffee.Scientists have discovered botanical evidence showing that Arabica coffee originated in Ethiopia and was then brought to Yemen, where it was then served in Mecca at one of the very first cafes in history since the 6th century. . personal favorite used for pleasure rather than using it for its stimulating effects. America Loves Him Wherever he was born, coffee is a popular choice of hot drinks. The number of cafes open for business is now astonishing. There is one in every corner of America and it is served in different ways. You can know how to get hot or cold coffee drinks, flavored or unflavored and it's made to order. Many prefer instant coffee when serving coffee at home. It shows how much coffee has evolved since the very beginning of its history. Coffee, coffee and more coffeeNow it seems we are obsessed with coffee, you can find it everywhere. Coffee candies, coffee ice cream, coffee syrup, coffee creamers and the list will continue to grow. Since coffee is such a big favorite, have you ever stopped to think that we have an Arab goat farmer to think of for that rich tasting drink we all love so much?

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