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Hello Steemit Friends,

I am hesitant when trying store brand coffees. I have been burned in the past with selections that sound good but taste awful. But I was intrigue when I saw the Signature SelectTM Tanzania Peaberry, Medium Roast 100% Arabica. This coffee is part of the Limited Edition series that is from countries all over the world.

The front of bag text described the coffee as floral, vibrant with a hint of chocolate. The additional description was “Grown on the gentle slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Peaberries are formed when only one coffee bean forms inside the fruit, instead of the usual two!” Sounds interesting, right? Note to self, listen to my gut instinct.

It is not that this coffee was bad, it just wasn’t great. The aroma was slightly harsh, acidic. I got a hint of floral but no chocolate. It was acidic up front and dry on the aftertaste. I can put up with acidic but the dryness on the aftertaste is so forward that it left me thirsty. The coffee needed serious doctoring to smooth out the flavor. Sweetener helped.

I will not buy this coffee again. Life is too short to drink mediocre coffee. If you have tried the Tanzania Peaberry, let me know what you think.

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I did not drink this coffee. I think we should drink proven varieties of coffee. Now the variety of coffee is very much to buy bad coffee can easily.

My friend how are you? you were a bit lost here
If we are going to drink coffee, it must be a good coffee that leaves a good taste in our mouth because there is no better feeling than a cup of good coffee.
This one that shows today I have not tried it, but I have tried some with a touch of chocolate I prepare it at home and I put a little chocolate powder and it really is a delight

How are you my friend? days without knowing about you?
If it is not a good coffee, it is not worth it to buy it again. I thank you very much that in Venezuela, despite the bad situation we are living, we still have good coffee to enjoy.
I appreciate very much that you show and be very sincere when talking about some coffee or wine
I send you many greetings I hope everything is fine at home

I like the idea that this coffee has a touch of chocolate I usually go for the coffee they contain or they are sweeter that is to say they add things like vanilla or cream

Sometimes I usually enjoy a coffee but with sugar I like it sweet

But I see that this coffee is a little acid I hope not to take it I am very limited with coffee

Greetings friend @altportal

Then this time the coffee will be bad again you must listen to you friend but the experience is what it will tell you if it is worth it or not to taste that coffee again surely there are better coffee

The packaging looked very good but I see that the experience is not very good that is my fear with the coffee because I drink a little coffee

Greetings my friend had days that I did not see you here

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