Green Mountain Coffee - Colombian Fair Trade Select

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Green Mountain Colombian pic.jpg

Hello Steemit Friends,

Full disclosure, I do not have a Keurig coffee maker. I don’t hate it, I just don’t need it. Green Mountain is a Keurig brand. That being said, I got a great deal on Green Mountain Coffee recently so I picked up two varieties and this is the first. I pick up the Green Mountain – Colombian Fair Trade Select. This is a 100% Arabica medium roast coffee.

To start the aroma is mild with a slight acidity. The flavor is forward, not bitter and nicely balanced. The aftertaste disappears quickly and is slightly dry. The description on the bag says it has a ripe fruit finish. To me that would indicate a full almost sweet taste. I don’t get that, I get a hint of a cocoa not fruit.

I liked this coffee, it is a fine start for the day. The dryness of the aftertaste makes it not something that I want to drink all day but as a first cup in the morning it is good. I might buy this brand again but I won’t go out of my way for it.

If you have tried the Colombian Fair Trade Select, let me know what you think.


Yes, I've tried this in a Keurig. You're right. Not bad. I would drink it again for sure.

One day, I'll buy a coffee pot and get off of the Starbucks wagon. It's just so convenient and they really frown on you bringing your own coffee to the shop when using their wi-fi.

Do you know what is the most delicious thing that a few months ago I have taken love? to the smell of coffee in the morning, that is very good wakes you up and encourages you, good choice say that Colombian coffee is good although I am close to Colombia I have never tried any of these, it is interesting what the coffee maker I do not have coffee at home I make the coffee in an alley with water boiling then goes to a colander and ready I put sugar

Hello friend how are you, you know that venezuela has an excellent coffee that you have not tried and I would like some day you had that opportunity, this coffee that you show us today is from Colombia our brother country so I would be delighted to be able to taste in my mouth

Hello Friend how are you? a review of coffee I love every time you bring a new coffee to show me is from Colombia and your description is good, there is nothing better than a good cup of coffee to start the day

The truth I think you already know I have never tried one that is not Venezuelan so far, I would like that one day you can try some coffee that is made here in my country and give us your opinion.
Entnces was a good coffee that happens sometimes something is good but not to run for it only if we see it on the way we would. Good Night, friend


you are a good coffee lover, those who say arabic usually have a lot of buquet or are strong, good for the morning!

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Have not tried it yet But reading what you have not shared I will definitely try.

cofee is so good,photograph is amazing

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