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Hello Steemit Friends,

After trudging through two weeks of mediocre coffee it was with great anticipation that I tasted LavAzza – Santa Marta Single Origin 100% Arabica, Colombia, medium roast. And yes, I did take advantage of a really good sale at my local grocery when I bought this selection.

And as a side note, when I visited Eataly (an Italian eatery and grocery store chain in some major U.S. cities), there was a coffee shop inside the location that featured LavAzza coffee and the Santa Marta was showcased.

The description on the bag says that is a single origin coffee that is only harvested once a year from the Santa Marta region in Colombia.

The initial aroma is very gentle coffee scent that is slightly acidic. The taste is smooth, full and well-rounded with mild acidity. The description said hints of praline. I didn’t get that, but soft chocolate notes -yes. The aftertaste was mild and did not linger. This is very drinkable coffee and I enjoyed the second cup just as much as the first.

I really liked this coffee and will definitely buy it again (on sale).

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You are very good at coffee varieties. I also want to try this sort of coffee. I also love coffee. I'm waiting for the following recipes for cooking meat!

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Hello how are you, Santa Marta that name immediately took me to colombia very close to venezuela so I'm sure you enjoy an excellent coffee
I love coffee as much as you in the morning can not miss mo coffee cup to activate my day, I love your reviews

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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A bad cup of coffee can seriously ruin your day. I've had this brand before and you're right. It's pretty darn good.

I think I've had the Classico before. It's very good. Colombian coffee with an Italian twist.