IMO= everyone is a cyborg until i see them bleed, black eyes, 3 light pupils

in #coffee4 years ago

coffee rambles, no wall of brambles, annunaki, implanted my family, since the cataclysm, when jesus' showed them, rapests and defaces, this is an understatement. Lizards are my only friends, at least i know i can care for them, they love me back, that's a fact, no forked tongue slithering if i feed them yacht. Smells like shit, i imagine a dish, meal worms and crickets, ecosystem whippin. Rocks from round the world, at there feet, for them to twirl, lovely in my sauce, at what cost? To be tricked once, you learn, twice its a burn, three times you better complete the circle or fall into a urn, slippery slopes, when on it, dig in the most, up or down, it all goes around, depends on where you stand, when deez niggas want to clown, have you seen the news, i havnt, too buys eating mu buggers, no achooo, E'T's want to stand by and watch, to me that's a swactch, they will pay, before earth's judgment day, they are now apart of me, and i digest them happily. Have i lost it, or have you become shallow in thought, unoriginal idea, unicorns are futuristic donkey farts.

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