Review of Coinbase and their terrible customer service

in #coinbase3 months ago

Coinbase has been very useful to me for doing small transactions every now and then. It's convenient and quick and they even let you earn a few bucks every now and then aka Coinbase Earn.

But their customer service is really bad. No I mean really! They don't reply to support tickets in a reasonable time period and when they do, they don't even address the support ticket details. It's more like an automated generic response and then you never hear from them again for a long time until you get another automated response if you took the time to reply to them. Now it may not be a big deal if all you're doing is just trying to ask a silly question that can be answered somewhere else but what if it has to do with your money?

I feel sorry for someone that gets their money stuck in coinbase and can only submit support tickets .