Barclays drives Coinbase into faster payments

in #coinbase4 years ago

Whereas other big lenders avoid the markets of the cryptomonnaie, Barclay Bank is the first one to reach an agreement with a big world stock exchange, allowing the fast regulation of the transfers of fiduciary money to the British customers.

The bank was in active negotiations with the British regulatory authorities on the way she can implement cryptomonnaies in the United Kingdom, with the granting of e-money license considered as an essential precondition. Barclays reached a similar agreement with Circle who allows transfers of money sterling, dollar and bitcoin on the popular platforms of messaging and the other media.

Having seduced the FCA, Coinbase intends to begin with a pilot project,allowing a small number of institutional users to reach faster payments before spreading them towards all the British customers.

The company asserts that the e-money license will allow to exceed statutory barriers beyond the United Kingdom towards 23 countries within the EU, although such an arrangement could not resist a break of Brexit between the United Kingdom and its continental neighbors.

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