'Secret' Crypto Money Mining Cases Continue Without Cutting Speed

in #coinhive4 years ago

Hackers leaked to the servers thanks to a small open, secretly crypto money mining. The hackers targeted LA Times this time.
An unidentified hacker group infiltrated the servers of the Los Angeles Times and added codes to the servers to make crypto money mining. In this type of attack, hackers who are usually mined by Monroe, who can dig with CPU power, have done this with the CoinHive script we have heard before. The codes that were noticed on the journal's website on Wednesday, last Wednesday, were removed on the same day.
Your site is seen in Amazon AWS S3 servers, so the speed of the script is lowered. Watching like that, your processors are working so fast that it's almost impossible to say that something is wrong.
According to British security researcher Kevin Beaumont, LA Times' misplaced servers include some open sections. This allows anyone who wants to add some harmful code to the servers. Beaumont added the following to the server in order to prove this situation and make an innocent warning:
"Hi, this is a warning that your Amazon AWS S3 servers are accessible to everyone, please correct it without finding a malicious person."

The CoinHive craze seems to come to an end, malicious website owners - or hackers who leak to those sites - are exploiting the CPU's power to keep up with making more money.


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