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RE: Q2: A Journey of Struggle and Progress at CoinMarketCap – A Letter From Our CEO

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Dear @officialcmc

Welcome to Steemit!
It’s great to have a company of your size and prominence posting on Steemit. I have been active here for three years and I have a list of helpful articles on Steemit here link which I offer to you for your reference and use. Additionally I humbly offer my assistance should you have any questions regarding that material. I will also forward your post to these communities:
Banking and Finance link and
Decentralize-Finance link
These communities are filled with the investment minded.
In addition, I wrote this post to advertise your presence on Steemit: Link



I agree it’s very impressive to see Coin Market Cap has an official blog on Steemit!

You continue to provide encouraging positive news about the platform, plus tips about entering contests to help us earn more Steem and grow our influence on the platform.
Thank you for all your hard work to build the community here on Steemit!

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