Coinolix Crypto Exchange: What you need know about #Coinolix Crypto Exchange

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In a world crowded with crypto exchanges, getting the best fit for your digital currency needs can be a huge task. It takes time and effort to settle on the right one that meets all your needs and reduces the spread of your virtual asset across the internet where cyber and crypto criminals are lurking.

Technology keeps evolving and some older exchanges do become outdated and you need a state of the art provider that offers your entire online fund holding and managing at one point and that is what Coinolix Crypto Exchange stands for. So, what is so special about Coinolix Exchange?

Coinolix Exchange Features

The first things that you need to look for are the features. The will tell you whether its fits into your lifestyle or not features are the eye opener not only in exchanges but any firm, online outlet or service providers that you need to interact with. Here are 6 features that Coinolix with discern you with:

The exchanges values their customers more than their staff and they know customers want to interact with the system as need arises and that is the reason their customer service is functional 24/7. Specific customer needs are handled by relevant experts in their field.

The platform promises the highest throughput in the market through their matching engine. Trade request are handled with a unique adaptable system that is also extensible so you do not have to worry about network congestions leading to unnecessary delays.

The ecosystem prides itself of having more than just exchange services. It goes overboard by offering spot marketing trades, futures trades and margin trades. Getting onboard means you have the flexibility you need to access the type of trades that suit your trading needs.

Unlike older exchanges, Coinolix will give its users a wide range of parings to choose from. The wide selection minimizes the number of patronage exchanges and your funds will be channeled through a single point or gateway.  Some of the digital coin pairing to expect include Bitcoin, Ether, LTC and XRP and the list will grow once the system rolls.

The team behind the project knows that crypto crime is on the rise and that is why they have put in place an elaborate security measures to ensure DDoS attacks are unheard of. With a two factor verification and security audit, you are in a safe pair of hands as the system us backed up by encryption.

If you are choosy about user interface that offers the best user experience, Coinolix has your back covered.  What’s more; Windows, Mac and Linus operating systems are covered through a cross-platform device easy integration.

Just give you a feel of what is on offer from the unique Coinolix Exchange ecosystem, below is a peek preview of its breakdown: 

Coinolix Project breakdown

Project name: Coinolix Crypto Exchange

Token name: Coinolix Token

Token ticker: CLX

Base platform: Ethereum Blockchain

Token type: ERC-20

Total set market supply: 1 Billion CLX

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC

The above list is just a portion of what to expect and need t some time and go through the Coinolix whitepaper for in-depth detail.

The Team behind the Coinolix Project

Trusting others with your funds can make delay your decisions especially when he team behind the platform appears faceless. With Coinolix, everything is put bare and the team of experts handling the project is drawn from the industry’s best and covers are areas for an outlook seeking to be the market leader of the future.

The development team, headed by Rajesh Vora as the CTO and Co-founder, is not operating in a vacuum; behind it is another team full of experience in the industry for advisors. A quick look at the team, it is clear that you and your funds are in safe pair of hands. All in all, a little due diligence will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.

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