Cointree: Helping Creators Earn Money Online

in #cointree3 months ago helps you earn money by making it as easy as possible for people to support your work.
You list all your crypto donation addresses in one place, people can personalize their donations with a message of support, and it links all your websites and social media platforms on one page so people can follow and support you everywhere you are.

It solves 2 problems.

  1. Crypto addresses go stale. This means you have to swap out every donation address on every video you’ve ever posted, or risk someone sending money to a stale account. Instead you can post a single link which contains a list of all your active addresses.

  2. People want to be able to personalize their donations with a message of support. For some people, adding this message feature was the different between earning $0 and earning $100s of dollars in a few months.

It’s really easy to use:
Use any coin you want
Use any wallet you want doesn’t keep your wallet keys, never touches your funds, and it’s free to use. You don’t even need to set up an account to use it.

Add your link to your profiles so that people know where they can find you and send you tips!


That's very nice info and it will really help, seems to be a ve good crypto project. the nice way to get tips from people

so glad you like it!!!

good to see you posting
think on hive you would get more traffic, interaction and votes

oh yeah? I've been meaning to check it out, will try to this week

great - your steem passwords works for your hive account.

I recommend changing your Private Keys using your Master Password once logged on to HIVE.
(wallet -> Change Password)

oh goodness this password change process is awful. I have to "randomly generate" a password through the website, without knowing anything about the password generator or entropy?

What is your recommendation for changing based on, is my account somehow insecure if I don't?

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