INVITATION: Collaborative Art Journey..."Tangled Webs We Weave" -- This is your invitation to Collaborate! Whatever your expression, BRING IT ON!steemCreated with Sketch.

You guys are the bomb!!!!

I'm truly blessed that you have come out to play with me. When I say that I think about the childhood song with the lyrics that go like this: "Oh playmate, come out and play with me...."   It's so much fun to have so many playmates and to get to play with you on such a consistent basis.  I am blessed!

Thank you all!!!

I'm always excited to post another Collaborative Art Journey Invitation.  I like to go on a hunt to find the perfect image which is quite rewarding, especially when the astounding transformations start rolling in.  I hope this one will be no exception.  

Please resteem this post or share the link with your artist friends who might like to join us.  It's really fun to be building such a strong and close-knit group, and I feel the more the merrier. 

Let's spread the love around.









DEADLINE  Wednesday, June 28,  2017 at Midnight CST.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ DETAILS FOR THE NOOBS! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

1 . INVITE, COMMENT, UPVOTE AND RESTEEM this post and others.

2.  USE MY OFFERING  as the base for the collaborative piece.

3.  TRANSFORM IT as many times as you wish! - Print the image or do whatever it is you do to add to/or alter it, (i.e., including but not limited to painting, drawing, adding other photographs, collaging, altering it digitally or however you wish . . .or perhaps even adding a tune, poetry, a story, a gif, a video, a book, or other imaginative play.  

4.  MAKE A POST ABOUT IT (not required but of course preferred)  to share your process.

5.  TAG YOUR POST with #art and #CollaborativeArtJourney (and of course any other tag that fits your finished piece).

6.  SHARE YOUR LINK in a comment below.

7.  DEADLINE  Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at Midnight CST to be included in the FINALE post.

8.  PAYING IT FORWARD  - I will be donating rewards from this post to the  eco-village @gardenofeden. I encourage you to check out this cutting edge community where I am a full-time volunteer.  I'm also making Steemfest posts to raise funds for my @gardenofeden family to attend Steemfest with me.  I've already won my plane ticket.  YAYAYAYA!!!  Meet us there?

9.  POST IN THE CHATROOM  "Art-Collaborations-Links-and-Creative-Inspirations".   Other collaborative works are also welcome there.  Please use this chatroom ONLY for collaborative work.  No individual posts please.

10.  GRANTING PERMISSION - Important!!! --  If you play you grant permission to have your art used in some other way (perhaps a show, printing them, making a gift of them, or otherwise at my discretion).  Credit will be given where credit is due. 


We are awesome together!!  

There is inspiration for this repertoire we are creating to become part of a musical album.   Keep pumping out your amazing contributions--they will  be on this blockchain forever!!!



A sample view of our early collaborative works:
Steemian Collaborative Art Journey - What the Heck Are We Building?


Finale of Power Spirit - 23 artists and 26 masterpieces
Finale of Life Stands Still - 18 artists and 29 masterpieces
Finale of Ingrained - 18 artists and 17 masterpieces
Finale of Beyond the Veil - 18 artists and 19 masterpieces
Finale of Sliver's Edge - 12 artists and 14 masterpieces
Finale of Shadow Mandala - 19 artist and 28 masterpieces
Finale of Ethereal Presence - 17 artists and 19 masterpieces
Finale of On the Ball - 9 artists and 10 masterpieces
Finale of Wisdom of the Ancients- 17 artists creating 36 masterpieces
Finale of Rejuvenation- 20 artists creating 27 masterpieces
Finale of Do You See What I See - 14 artists creating 19 masterpieces
Finale of Shattered Rainbows - 17 artists creating 31 masterpieces
Finale of All Fired Up - 18 artists creating 19 masterpieces
Finale of No Strings Attached - 17 artists creating 29 masterpieces
Finale of Artist's Eye - 16 artists creating 21 masterpieces
Finale of Midnight Sky - 7 artists  creating 8 masterpieces
Zentangle Art Collaboration - 4 artists creating 3 masterpieces
Building community through Art Collaboration - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaboration using Ned's Head - 5 artists creating 4 masterpieces
Collaborating with @opheliafu:  Madam Kali - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaborating with @opheliafu: Bird on a Wing - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece


I haven't had this much of a challenge since I don't know when.
Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for giving me inspiration to finish my "day job".

WOWWWWEEE! Super awesome @cosmictraige. Truly amazing! I think this ought to be you "day job"!!! What a fabulous piece of art. The colors, textures, the way you brought that seahorse to life and added all the extras to give it depth. So glad you came out to play!!!

LOL! I wish this could be my day job too; however there are far more qualified artists who have true dedication.
I help them keep their day jobs @reddragonfly gallery!

Artistic endeavors like this that keep me thinking are my brain food. Thank you again!
(I followed you as well!)

@reddragonfly gallery is certainly an interesting "day job". Not many people can say they do what they are passionate about.

Glad to give you some food for thought and expression. Upvoted and followed you. Thanks for sharing!!

bang!! thats immense!

That is really an amazing creation! You're super talented as a graphic designer anyway... but even better when you just get to "do your own thing."

I am always so inspired by what you bring to the table @paolobeneforti. You're my kind of artist and your contribution always speaks to me. I so appreciate your presence here.

thanx thanx thanx. I appreciate it :)

Wow! I wasn't expecting such a classical transformation! This is wonderfully imaginative @paolobeneforti.

He always brings on something unexpected and has upgraded this collaboration with every entry. Amazing, right?

Totally ^_^

So blessed by so many artistically inspired works. Glad you came here to enjoy them with us @throughwindows.

As do I @paolobeneforti. As do I! <3

Hello everlove.

This is a real fast one, for whatever reason.

Love the offering and the collaboration :)
Hope you like it.

Thank you.

I love the vibrancy you brought to this image @wordsword!! I also love that you don't really know where it came from, it just came through. Sweet little intricacies going on in there! Your pieces are always a great contribution here. Thank you so much for coming out to play again.

Some of this image almost looks like it was felted... cool!

Yeah it does. I hadn't noticed it, hihi.
Thanks :)

I love scrolling down to discover the images you share @paniopan. I think the way you mirror the images brings a level of wholeness, and somehow catapults them into life--as if there is something looking right at us. This has a regal feel to it and details so intriguing that one can look at for a long time and still see more. I appreciate your contribution and always so grateful to have you here.

: ) Thank you so very much... It's same with original paintings, people scry into them and find so much...
i like to go beyond the norm... Thank you for your kind and most welcome comments.
Much love everlove... Namaste.

You're welcome @paniopan. Well deserved by the way. It's obvious to me how you delve into your art. Layers of depth to indulge. Much love back to you! <3

Oh my gosh I really love this @modernnomad. You just jumped right in with a very impressive masterpiece. I love how this turned out---so different. This stands all on its own. Great work. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

Thank you so very much ! That means alot ,I'm so excited to join the journey with everyone .....I'm all new to this, and just can't wait to keep experiencing something new and seeing all the different works people present ! This is just what I needed :)

This is a great artists' community and I'm glad you are showing up to join in. There is so much support and true caring that goes on in here. We can all use a big dollop of that!!! Good job getting yourself here. Blessed to be sharing with you @modernnomad.

Wooooooaaaaaahhhhh!!! Now that is quite an impressive piece of art @uysaymon. I'm loving what you've done here and so excited for how you have incorporated my image. YES! I love it! Thank you for the gift!


My participation... @everlove!!

Really a great piece @soyjoseluis. Lots of different things appear to me when I see this image. A great transformation. Thanks for shaking it up a bit. I Love it!!

I love to participate and create stories with your photos. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.
I have seen very good works of my companions... good!!
Hugs @everlove : ))

I'm inspired by all the creativity flowing in this artists' community. Not only are we becoming better artists, but we are connecting and creating great value. Grateful we are all doing it together. Thanks for being with us @soyjoseluis. Hugs enjoyed and sending back to you.

I love that we all see different things in these images. The artists' mind always brings about new perspective--what a blessing we are to each other. I can get on that Endless Starry Nights boat...lots of room for dreams and expression there! Love to you @pyrowngs.

Hi, I'm new to steemit. Great ideas. wonderful artists. Pure heart. I feel inspired to take up one of your challenges in the near future :)

Welcome to Steemit. Wise choice making your way here @artystuff. The artist community here on Steemit is incredible. I encourage you to jump right on in and bask in what we are creating together.

Wow!!! This is all kids of crazy!!! Look at all those things going on in there! What a fun piece @yadamaniart!! I especially love the psychedelic eyes!! AWESOME contribution. So glad you are here again!

Thank you very much, I'm glad, too.

Mutually beneficial!! Perfection!

What fun to play with you @yusaymon. I love the feel of this piece, the added spirals are my favorite parts. Thanks for bringing your talent to this collaboration. Blessed to play with you.

can u give me a hug!?

Bunches of hugs!!! <3

Flashbacks!! Looking things from multiple directions. This is quite the movement @yoganarchista. My image adds a very interesting twist to yours. Nice combination. I love the images you choose and how they always bring out the best in both. Thanks for doing what you do!!

So much interesting people to follow here! awsome contribution

This is quite the statement @artguy!! The center turned sideways reminds me of looking down someone's throat! I love the mirror image affect and the depths you have created in this piece. Thanks for your contribution. It's awesome!

A whirlwind of vibrant energy...speeding up uniting in the center!! I love the way this feels @motivator. A very expressive and energetically moving piece. Thank you very much!!

Thanks @everlove. I try to represent tangle web by that twisted strings.
Have a Nice Day ...

I see that...and all the jagged edges and zig-zaggy catches. Truly a great interpretation. Love it!!

Brilliant @motivator!! I'd love to see how you transfer my image into that!!! What a beautiful piece that is. Floating psychedelic cubes all intermingled and overlapping. Feels good this piece!!! Thanks for another vibrant contribution to this collaboration.

Love the feeling in this image @mrssignificant. Reminds me of a dream I had many years ago where I looked down at my body and saw it was sprouting foliage. At the time it scared me a little, but now I recognize it as a very significant image.

Alright!!!! And what a great addition it is. This feels like an amusement part ride--can't really explain that -- but the colors are jolly and bright which also makes it feel like a celebration!

Thanks for the gift @artguy. So glad you're here!

"Amusement park" Ha ha ... I love it.
Actually it represent the theme of our collaborative art.

Great day ...

Those tangled webs we weave....indeed. There are many things to see in your image @artguy. I love how there are so many different angles to see things from. A great day it is--and back to you!!!

This is my participation in the art journey. Thanks!

You can read about my process here:

New beginnings, indeed! May our blessings multiply!

Wow! That's a surprising piece! A very different take and quite the cool expression! I love how they are holding hands. Thank you @yusaymon--again--for this great contribution.


OH my gosh !!! I love the way you see things @revostrike. This is a piece worth looking at, or for getting looked at!! I'm so glad you share your process as the outcome is always such a surprise. You have a great eye (lol). Thanks for this intense contribution.

Thank you! :D Glad you like it

Oh yes I dooooo!

Cant seem to post a picture in comments....but here is my post

I am blessed to post this to the comments and share with everyone the beauty you have created. I love how you see the world and the transformations of brilliance you share. Thanks for being you and playing with us @robyneggs.

"The webs have been woven
The spiders unfurl
Only to reveal they have chosen
And learned of the ways of the curl
They scatter here and there
Through the night they work
Toiling and teasing the tears
If only to catch what falls to the dirt
But soon there is a catch
A juicy bug loses life
A steady stream for others to watch
Not disturbing of the wife"
by @robyneggs

I could do it and so I did. I love love love that you are playing with us. You have a great eye for bringing out the best and your poetic words are truly magnificent. Thank you @robyneggs. I appreciate what you bring to the table.

Looks like mycelium.

Look at you jumping right in so quickly with a masterpiece!!! Great job @cgame. I knew you were going to make a great addition to this journey. I love how unusual everyone's piece is, so distinct and unique. Thanks for doing what you do and for sharing yourself with us.

Thank you everlove for bring me here to see amazing artwork Thank you again.

Thanks for coming.

My first ever submission for the Collaborative art journey, this is a great idea!

Here's the post:

And my submission:

For some odd reason I always feel relieved when your beat comes in. Not that I'm anxious about it at all, but it just feels good to have your sound set the tone. This collaboration wouldn't be the same without you. I love this long beat and the energy it builds -- exploding with spiders all over the place!! Love it @verbal-d. Thanks for bringing it through.

Sorry for the late reply lol I always feel relieved to share my music piece with you all. I wouldn't want to miss the train on the CAJ more than I already have. Speaking of previous CAJs I have missed, I am currently working on releasing some more Melodious Music Memoirs for the previous CAJs :) So be on the look out for more. You are most welcome and as always thank you too, so glad you love it

Soooooo exciting! We'll have to find a way to share those so they get heard. I'm grateful for you @verbal-d. I'm going to go listen to this beat again now!

WooHoo!!! The gifts keep flowing through you @verbal-d.

Hum. Is there a way to access the Steemit chat? I'm just getting an error whenever I try to access it. I'm going make something for this collaboration, though!

I haven't been able to access it either, though I know it is in the works. Here's a post that will explain:

Please make something for the collaboration. Would love to have you share with us.

Yeah, me too!

Hi @everlove, i wish to join but i only use oil and acrylic paint. I guess like @aksinya i need to learn digital

You don't have to do it digitally, you can print it out and work on it in the physical form. That's what I have done when feeling the call to "touch" it. Would love to have you join us @errymil.

Let me try as its my day off tomorrow, can you add me on you list as well.

Just me playing around. Kind of a last minute picture and not a serious work in any case. ;)
Journal - Chubby Bunnies

Well this is quite the fun little piece. I wouldn't have thought about using my image like you did! What fun @lightsplasher. So glad you joined us.

More of a creative writing exercise that came from your image. I have a lot of fun with these, thanks for putting them together.

Stretching in many ways!! Sweet perfection!

Hi dear @everlove!
Here is my entry to this collaboration project! I hope you like it! I don't know how to add a photo of it to a post... Enjoy!

What a blessing to have you join us @oceansoul13. It seems you will fit right in here with your collaboration. I love the concept you have chosen to express, and especially since that is you in the image. Thanks for joining us.

Thank you dear @everlove! Finally got the time to do some collaboration work :D yey! And thank you for uploading the image in a comment, could you tell me how to do that?

Collaboration is so much fun. I love all the diversity that flows through. So grateful for your contribution.

Double click on your image, "choose copy image address", then paste that link into the comment section. Whallah!!!

Yes it really is! And thank you for explaining this to me!

Here is what I did:


Don´t give up, just fight!
fight, until you see the light
Now you are between two stages
in-between some cages
holding you back, holding you down
it´s terrifying like a scary clown
but you will get through
you will be new
and without frear,
the breakthrough is nearly here!

Well...isn't this an inspiring piece with inspirational words that remind us that change is constant. I so love that you are a part of this journey @sumsum. Thank you for bringing such value to the table.

You've already got your plane ticket?! Yisssss. Let then hugs come!

I love this initiative, would love to see what people do with it!

Yes!! I won the @theprophet0's offer for a plane ticket to Steemfest. I am incredibly stoked about that and have hugs waiting! I'm sure I'll hug you there @sjennon.

I love what the artists do with this initiative. So engaged and inspired. It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for your presence here.

Thanks for the positivity! It really helps make Steemit a better place :)

My pleasure @cryptodata. I love that we're doing it together!

Now this IS an image that I feel I can definitely be inspired and work with @everlove.

I collect bits and pieces from our natural bushland and incorporate them into my 'landscape' assemblages. Pale green lichens that turn to russet are my special love: Which I'll overlay somehow with your image. 🙏

Wowowow!!! YES!!! Honored you are coming out to play @allyinspirit I love the sound of your assemblages!!! I'm going to have to have a little visit your way and so grateful you are coming mine!

I've been working on Deep is the Ocean of Love for the last few days and was able to press the POST button about 5 minutes before Midnight CST.

Working with this piece has taken my work with ephemeral art to a whole new level. Some 'methods' employed now, I'd only just thought about previously and so I needed to experiment with ~ A LOT. And will continue to do so.

I wish to whole heartedly thank you for initiating this wonderful project @everlove.

Wowowowowow!! What a great transformation of my image @allyinspirit. This is a very interesting piece with much to explore! So glad you are taking your skills to another level---I love how we can inspire that in each other. Oooohh so grateful to include this in our repertoire.

Thanks so much @everlove. I'm SO grateful to feel your appreciation of this piece.

Drawing in the sand to reveal the image underneath was such a new and simple and truly beautiful experience. Reminded me of drawing in the sand as a kid ~ Just for the fun of it.

I love how so many talented artists are participating in Collaborative Art Journey and how we can inspire each other to reach new heights of achievement. And thanks so much for your enthusiasm and dedication that makes this project possible.

It's truly my pleasure to facilitate such a connected and talented group of artists. It's truly beautiful how everyone is participating because they want to, not because they are going to get paid. Passion speaks for itself.

Grateful to have you here with us.

SO true @everlove. When you do something because you are inspired, love and passion are great playmates.

Really grateful to be with you and all the artists gathering here.

I also really love that this is not a competition, but a collaboration. Working together, helping each other, inspiring each other, and sharing techniques and ideas -- everyone giving and receiving in fluid motion. What a blessing we all are to each other! <3

not an artist, but fan

So glad you're here @deserttree. I so appreciate your appreciation. I didn't know I had any fans!!! Oh what a day!!

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