My Clipper Collection

in #collectionlast year

Hello Steemians, I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Today I am going to show off my clipper lighter collection.

I have been collecting clippers for a long time now and used to have them in a glass shelf but they were falling everytime someone touched it.

So my partner decided to make these amazing wall shelves with holes for the clippers.

At the moment, I have +/- 330 clippers ! <3

What about you?? Any nice collections around?



*All the photos on this post belong to me and were taken with my Huawei P30 lite!

That seems like a much easier and less expensive collection to have than some others!

It truly is! Around 1€ each lighter and you can buy one in any tobacco shop, or chinese shop. :D

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Awesome! They look so cool!
I collect crystals, but they're not nicely displayed at the moment. Maybe when we get moved! (Previously, I discovered that taking a wooden shoe rack that had not been assembled and hanging that on the wall was perfect for my crystals.)

Oww I love crystal as well... I have a bunch of semi precious rocks, like jade, quartz, onix, etc. You should get them a nice display as well!

Yep, once we get moved. Lots of things are on hold right now.

Nice collection ....


Thanks <3

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Wow nice collection that you have. I only have two specials received from friends ;)

Oh yes there are always those special ones! :)

WoW !!! How many clippers!!!!!

Indeed a lot !

jejjeje Too much!!

I dont think there will ever be a too much in terms of collecting! 🤣

You're right!!!