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We are entering the Age of Aquarius on Dec 21st, 2020 during the winter solstice.

Im not sure if many of you know about this but where I am in the world thats all a lot of us seem to be talking about. It can also be called the "great solar flash" which only occurs every 26000 years or something! This phenomenon will create a collective consciousness worldwide and the frequencies and energies will be very intensified. Don't be worried if you've been getting headaches lately, or very vivid dreams or even feel sensitive to sound and light. Ultimately, this will bring an end to all suffering.

Solar Flash: the solar system will pass through geometric boundaries(dense energy clouds) raising VIBRATIONS and CONSCIOUSNESS>causes sun to release flashes>3d world as we know it will become 5d>activates spiritual light body ascension

disclaimer: please prepare for the great solar flash as surviving this flash will depend on your MENTAL and SPIRITUAL states

we can prepare by:
Being "in service to others"
Practicing Meditation, Compassion, Forgiveness
studying sacred geometry, levitation, telekinesis, manifestation and telepathy

theres much more i can talk about but this whole process can be expected to last from 12/21/2020-2023/2024, we are already in the process

we all are very capable beings who have universal knowledge and many talents, we just need to WAKE UP!!

if anyone else has info or wants more please let me know!

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