Our collage Tyagbir Hem barua collage library: A journey of 55 years.

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Hlw guys how are you? i hope all of you are fine. So today I want to share with you our collage which name is Tyagbir hem baruah collage, it is also known as THB collage. So today I bring to interesting topic about our collage library a journey of a 50 years. I hope you guys like it. So without delay let's get into the post.


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Library is a place where literary and artistic materials, such as books, periodical, newspapers,pamphlets,prints records, and tapes, are keep for reading, reference, or lending.

Library is a nucleus of teaching, learning and research process. Our collage library has been playing a vital role in academic as well as all round development of the collage since its inception.

Library photo

Source... Redmi not 4

We all know that an academic library is a library that is attached to a higher educational institution which serves two complementary purposes to support the college's curriculum, and to support the research of the university faculty and student.

A college library should ensure to collect and organized recorded information available in various formats in accordance with the aims and needs of the users. The collage library is the heart of the college campus. The objective of the collage library is to make available its resources and services as an effective supplement to the instructional programmes undertaken by the college. Library services are an essential part not only of educational institution but also of the entire society which supports library, which is a life long process.

Our THB college established in 1963, is the only institute of higher education in the greater Naduar area, situated in the picturesque surrounding alongside the NH-52 with the 'NAHAR' tree, enhancing the beauty of our college. The college is name after Tyagbir Hem Baruah (1893 - 1945) renowned freedom fighter of the freedom movement of India. The people of jamugurihat dedicated their sole institute of higher learning, THB college, in the memory of this great and honest freedom fighter of the state.

Our college library was started in 1963 with the birth college. During the initial period of its inception, the library was foundation with the donations of few books by different concerned individuals and organizations. At that time there was no separate building and no permanent employees were appointed for the library. Books were kept in a single almirah and in a small room.
But now today totally change our library there is a separate building and permanent employees is appointed from the library.

THB collage library:

List of the popular magazines -
  • Indian Today.
  • Sports Star.
  • Junior Science Refresher.
  • The Competition Success review.
  • Competition Refresher.
  • Outlook.
  • Satsari.
  • Dream 2047.
  • Career 660.
  • The day after.
  • Katha Guwahati.
  • Swastha.
  • Prantik.
  • Junior Science Refreshers.

List of News Paper.

  • The Assam Tribune.
  • Dainik Janambhumi.
  • The Sentinal.
  • Ajir Asom.
  • Dainik Agradoot.
  • Khabar.
  • The Telegraph.
  • Pratidin.
  • Dainik Asom.
  • Amar Asom.
  • The time of India.

Weekly papers -

  • Asom Bani.
  • Agradoot.
  • The employment News.

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