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#BIAFO Glacier is a 67 km (42 miles) long glacier in the #Karakoram mountains of #Gilgit-Baltistan, with 49 km (30 miles) #Long-Hisper glacier at the height of 5128 meters (16,824 feet) in its #La-Pass Is. Out of polar regions to create the world's longest Glacial system.


#BIAFO Glaciers (60 kms) and #Hisper Glaciers (61 kms) are found at 5151 meters. On the other hand, to make one of the longest Glacial systems out of the polar areas. This road of ice adds to two ancient hill kings. In the West is #Hunza and the East with #Baltistan.


In ancient times, the warriors used this natural way to attack the people of #Askolie in #Baltistan. Later, the famous #Balti word 'Polo' meant Ball, as a more positive shop for aggression among the two emperors, and the similarity was spread to the surface level in that area. Because the #Biophysicular area is very remote because it is the last space for many animals. The Leopards of the #Himalayan Bear, #IBX, Mark and Snow are also included. H.W. An English adventure, #Tulman claimed he had still seen the marks of Stork during his track during 1937. Its east lake surrounded by a snow lake, 16km wide) granite paint boundaries at the Square of the Spring Pass. Plate #Glaciologists have made different experiences on the lake and the ice has to be reached about 1.6 km. Deep. Some will say that the lake of ice represents the last ice of the earth in the warm temperament areas of the earth.

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