Color Challenge-color challenge day wednesday (yellow) spider seedd

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Today's challenges I paste on the color steemit found in spider seeds. this is really unique, I myself have never seen any spider seeds. but today I've found it and I'm realizing. spider seed is very small and we can not see directly with the eye. I saw the spider's seed using a tool that is a macro.

The results of my efforts today you can see in this post. but this is not so perfect because the spider's seed is very small. when we take a closer picture, they run around and do not collect again as you see this.


This is clearly visible spider seeds after I take a picture with my infinix camera.


This is seen as a spider parent found among the spider's seeds.





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Amazing photography

Wow really nice, which camera you have used ?

Awesome closeup shot really captures the details although these are baby spiders not seeds. Only plants lay seeds animals lay eggs or give live birth but do not produce seeds.

I like your ColorChallenge post. I enjoy learning about new people and different cultures.
Any way if you and anyone reading this would like to see my #colorchallenge post
Check it out

thank you for supporting and I appreciate you @isteemithard

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