ColorChallenge Monday Red - Gordon Ramsey restaurant in Las Vegas

This was one of the restaurants we ate at while in Las Vegas. It was somewhat fast food like with only variations of fish and chips. Still the fish and chips were awesome and were very British style (as far as I would know). I love fish and chips so it was nice place to eat. However, it was very expensive for what you got about $25 (US) a plate for fish, chips and drink. But the very notable red doors made this seem fitting for a red color challenge.

red-color-challenge - 1 (1).jpg

stuff-bunny-trans-small.jpgbunny-banner - 1.jpg


Wow, what a nice colorful resturent! Really great capture,keep it up.Seems that it is a qualityful food zone.

Hi bunnypuncher nice post

Colourful as his common words on masterchef ;)

Well, they certainly made those colors pop. Took me a minute to realize that they were the colors of the English flag. Sounds like a good time!

Yea it was a good time. The food was good for fish and chips. But fish and chips aren't the most fancy food but the only food from Gordon Ramsey I can afford.

I can't eat the fish aspect so I wouldn't know. I'm not even sure if I know what fish and chips are, technically. Is it literally just as it sounds? Gordon Ramsey's restaurants are great, I'm sure. His attitude pisses me off though so I don't have a ton of interest in going to them, haha.

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