ColorChallenge FridaySkyblue : The sousaphone

in #colorchallenge4 years ago

Hi everybody

Here my first entry in this photo challenge !

The bluesky color reflects inside the silver bell of the Sousaphone, making as well a king of 360° deformation of what are around.


  • MondayRed

  • TuesdayOrange

  • WednesdayYellow

  • ThursdayGreen

  • FridaySkyblue - done !

  • SaturdayIndigo

  • SundayPurple

See you next time !


It's amazing how your camera transmits colors and mood, it's delicious.
This is a very beautiful photo, thank you for it, perhaps I will subscribe.

Thank you very much,
and welcome onboard on Steemit !