Color Challenge - Tuesday - Orange: Strelitzia Reginae/ Bird Of Paradise/Crane Flower, An Exotic And Beautiful Flower

The Bird of Paradise has an unusual shape and beautiful vibrant petals in orange or yellow which resembles a bird in flight.

The Strelitzia is named in honour of queen Charlotte from Mecklenburg-Strelits, “reginae” is Latin and means 'of the queen'. It is an evergreen, perennial herb which occurs naturally in South Africa in coastal thickets and along river banks, it can reach a height of 1.5-2 m. The leaves are dark green and looks like banana leaves. Each flower has a modified leaf sheeting the flower with 3-6 upright orange or yellow sepals and 3 modified purple petals, 2 petals are joined together forming an arrowhead.

The Impostor - by Bob Bergman

I, Strelitzia come to surprise
by turning your sightings up-side-down
with my vibrant costume and disguise.

Fiery plumage forms my crested crown
with feathery tips of indigo.
My boat-shaped beak is a mossy brown.

You’ll stop and stare at my bloomin’ show
of regal garb that always deceives—
a subject fitting for a Van Gogh.

Amid long blue-gray leathery leaves,
I can perch, I can pose, unafraid,
protected from would-be floral thieves.

It’s all a part of my masquerade.
Hummingbird visits—just part of the game,
though they’re not fooled by my sly charade.

I’m in the Imposter’s Hall of Fame
because everyone has to look twice.
Time to unmask and reveal my name:

It’s me! It’s me! Bird of Paradise.

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