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Hello friends,

Even though the Czech Republic is still nice and green all around it won't be too long when the colors start changing and leaves turning into many beautiful colors just like this image of an autumn landscape in Bohemian Switzerland. You gotta love Autumn when the colors are looking this beautiful. What is your favorite season of the year? Let me know in the comments below:)..... We are having last few hot days in the Czech Republic so let's enjoy it to the maximum.


Image source: Shutterstock
Author: Ondrej Prosicky
Beautiful red and orange autumn forest in Bohemian Switzerland National Park, Czech Republic.

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I love the autumn for long walks in the fallen leaves

I love the winter for skiing in the deep snow

I love the spring because it all wakes up

and I love the summer for beeing with my friends by the sea..

I simply love very much the whole year and the life that gives me everyday new challenges :-)

And thank you for your beautiful colorful post which made me to think about that!!!!!:-))

And I love your summary! I am just like that since there are different things to do and enjoy in all seasons. Thank you so much for that. Tomas

I never feel such a beautiful autum like this. We are in Indonesia just have summer and rainy season. Wanna feel a beautiful autumn in Czech Republic one day. The leaves were so colorful. Thank a lot for the picture sir.

Indonesia is definitely on my list of places that I want to visit!

Nice to hear that, you would be welcoming in Indonesia sir.

Do like this colorful leaves. Even green or yellow, Czecho remains beautiful.

waw is that a real pic of the forest?

nice post. beautiful red and yellow colour.

Thank you so much!

Nice post friend.

Wow amazing view. You are very lucky to have such a nature around you. I have been in Czech Republic many times, but somehow it was always a summer. Autumn looks totally different , just wow :)

Thank you so much! All the seasons have something special. I do hope you had a good time during your visit. Steem on.

awesome photos :)
thank you

Thank you so much! Have a great day and steem on.

What a combination of colors, I'm impressed with this beauty :)

Autumn can create some amazing landscapes full of playful colors. Have a great day and steem on. Tomas

this looks so beautiful in autumn

It truly does and makes it an amazing time of the year to visit:)...

great landscape! Autumn really brings beautiful colours and when the mists come everything becomes so calm and beautiful. Great post and thumbs up for you :)

Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed it. Have a great day and steem on.

Nice one. Wonder, weather that photo is photoshoped at all or not.

very charming , I love your post @czechglobalhosts

don't forget to upvote mine :)

I love autumn it is a beautiful season with very nice colors. Very beautiful photo.

The fall of the most beautiful seasons after spring is worth the flute

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The photo is really beautiful.
What is the one word for summer and winter mixed together. 😁😁? I like summer and winter mixed together all round the year even though i know it is not possible. I like season that is not too hot or cold.

Impresionantes colores!!!!
Preciosa imagen 👍🏻

i love summer cause we have holidays and go to sea to enjoy :)

wow the scenario looks beautiful and amazing

wow really beautiful what a gem of a place. Someday

This is insanely beautiful

Stunning forest colors. My favorite thing about Autumn!

Great View !!

Czech republic was so beautiful, while in autumn or in other season. Yes that was right, I gotta love autumn such a beautiful like this, was so colourful. Autumn was my favorite season.

Looking realy good

i was upvote

please follow me